Wedding Inspirations

Bridal Bouquets and Flowers

Flowers liven up any celebration especially weddings. To help you get through choosing wedding bouquet and flowers, below are some tips, advice and inspirations:

There are some classic wedding flowers florists often use for weddings. These are roses, peony, lily of the valley, hydrangea, orchid, and calla lily. Do not limit yourself to these types of flowers but do remember that these are sound choices.

Your budget will ultimately determine the kind and number of flowers you'll have on your wedding. To help you prioritize, list down what's important and those that you can do without if your budget won't fit. Your must haves would include your bridal bouquet, which could include the more expensive flowers. Other pieces such as bridesmaid bouquets, groomsmen buttonholes and other floral decorations such as centerpieces can be less elaborate. Also, flowers locally produced and in season are generally less expensive. It is important to discuss your budget with your florist so they can look for cheaper but equally pretty alternatives.

Be mindful of the flower colors and your motif. Your bridal bouquet and flowers should complement your bridal gown, wedding theme and the clothing of your entourage. The bridesmaids' bouquets and the men's buttonholes should coordinate with your bridal bouquet color as well.

Think about your wedding gown too. If you have a sleek dress, then a simple bouquet would do. If you're wearing something elaborate like a princess or full-skirted gown then a more dramatic bouquet will be a better match.

Start your search for wedding flowers by browsing through our Wedding Inspirations. By simply looking at beautiful photos of wedding bouquets and flowers can be a lovely way to start getting an idea of what you like and the florists at par with your tastes. Below are bridal bouquet photos to get you started.