Wedding Themes and Motifs

Chinese Wedding

Chinese weddings are full of cultural traditions and beliefs that you can easily incorporate on your wedding theme.

First off, you can choose red as your color motif. Red symbolizes good luck in the Chinese culture. If you're not up to wearing traditional Chinese wedding attires (Cheongsam and Da Gua), you can opt to have red details instead or a red bouquet to complement your white gown. Grooms can wear a barong with a Chinese collar instead.

Put a Chinese flair on your wedding by incorporating Chinese symbols and items. The Dragon and Phoenix symbols are a popular one. They represent male and female harmony and a balanced relationship. The motif is rooted in mythology where the dragon symbolizes the Emperor and at his side stands the magically powerful phoenix with her life-giving song.

You may also use popular Chinese items such as parasols, fans or lanterns for design. Flowers such as red roses, peonies, blossoms, narcissus, orchids and lotuses are not only meaningful in the Chinese culture but can serve as beautiful wedding décor as well. Plants such as Chinese bamboos can be used as table centerpieces and even wedding souvenirs.

Use Chinese lanterns to lighten your reception. Add musical strains of instrumental Chinese songs to create an Oriental but romantic effect. And don't forget to include the fireworks for driving evil spirits away. Before the couple crosses the threshold during the recessional, long chains of firecrackers suspended on a stick are lit for several minutes.

Chinese Wedding

Real Wedding: West and Coleen

Phoenix and Dragon wedding rings Chinese-Inspired Gown With The Pheonix Symbol

(left) Phoenix and Dragon wedding rings.
(right) The bride wearing a Chinese-inspired gown with the pheonix symbol by Edward Teng.
The red detail complements her red bouquet.

Black Chinese-Inspired Barong Passport wedding invitations bearing the Dragon and Phoenix symbols

(left) The groom wearing a black Chinese-inspired barong.
(right) Passport wedding invitations bearing the Dragon and Phoenix symbols.

Bride and Groom Wearing The Traditional Chinese Wedding Attire Chinese-inspired Bridal Gown

(left) Bride and groom wearing the traditional Chinese wedding attire.
(right) Chinese-inspired bridal gown with phoenix symbol by Edward Teng.

Chinese Wedding Reception

At the wedding reception, the tables had tall centerpieces bearing red and yellow flowers and twigs.