Wedding Themes and Motifs

Spanish Hacienda Wedding

Spanish Hacienda themed weddings channel a rustic, wooden vibe. Weddings that incorporate Spanish design/culture are usually conservative, traditional and romantic. Traditional bridal gowns made of piña fabric are most commonly used for this theme but brides can also choose gowns with lace and intricate details for a more romantic feel. In the Philippines, grooms would most likely wear barong Tagalog made of piña fabric as well.

A Spanish Hacienda themed styling often use wooden décor such as boxes, archways and beams. Wrought iron pieces such as crucifixes and candleholders can add to the rustic vibe. You can even ask for the help of your grandparents as you may have family heirlooms like rosaries, jewelry and other pieces you may use for your wedding.

This kind of theme often has an outdoor component, either for the ceremony or the reception. Trees, landscapes and even the moon can play up your chosen wedding theme. Don't forget to use ambient lighting like candles or lights that will not brighten the venue too much. If your reception is in daytime, play it up with flowers, centerpieces and paper décor that are Spanish-inspired. Choose a venue with hanging plants/vines and arches that can add drama to your theme.

For daytime outdoor reception, color motifs can be orange/green, red or even violet. For evening outdoor reception, a beige/black/white theme would add to the rustic ambiance.

Spanish Hacienda Wedding

Real Wedding:Jun and Grace

Piña Bridal Gown Elegant Beige White Invitations and Wedding Bouquet with Locket

(left)Grace's natural beauty stood out as she wore a piña bridal gown created by her friend John John Ditching.
(upper right) Simple and elegant beige and white invitations by ISG Printers.
(lower right) Local fabric and a special locket tied the wedding bouquet together.

Wedding Reception

The whole family cooperated in transforming their stockroom (bodega) into a 'quaint rustic looking chapel'
that Grace visualized. To decorate the ceremony venue, white curtains, gathered greens and wooden
chandeliers were used. They also used tiffany and wooden chapel chairs.

Cacao Chocolate Nibs Mango Jams

Mango jams and cacao chocolate nibs farm products were given as wedding favors and souvenirs.

Wedding Reception

The reception took place in the soothing wilderness of the siniguelas trees that stood the test of time in the
sugarcane field in Negros Oriental. Tables and chairs were strategically placed beside the trees where the
ambient lights hanged.