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In this section, About Weddings, we'll feature the dream weddings of your favorite celebrities. We'll ask them about everything, from their dream gowns to what they would like their perfect wedding to be. For our maiden issue, we'll tell you all about the dream wedding of Ms. Iza Calzado : commercial model, movie actress, and star of the hit soap Te Amo.

Celebrity Dream Weddings: Declaration of Womanhood

By Anamer R. Menguito, About Weddings
Photos by Ali Vicoy & Qyam Mychaels, About Weddings

"Alam mo, this place makes me dream of my dream wedding," Iza said of the Manila Hotel's Champagne Room. More than one person has commented on its Whartonesque ambience (think 'The Age of Innocence'), due in the most part to its sophisticated and elaborate setting. Iza said it had the kind of feel she wanted to capture on her own special day.

But for her, a lavish wedding is out of the question. She would prefer to have a simple but elegant ceremony inside a church (because of her faith), although she would also love a beach wedding similar to that of Miriam Quiambao. Privacy is important to her as well. She doesn't really envision herself having a televised wedding, as she sees the occasion as something solemn and intimate.

Ms. Izza Calzado in the Champagne  Room of Manila Hotel

Ms. Izza Calzado in the Champagne Room of Manila Hotel.

"Basta, my dream wedding should be a wedding filled with love: God's love, love from my groom, love from me. It doesn't have to be sobrang bongga ; basta it's filled with love, it will be bongga for me." Iza believes that there are two occasions in a woman's life where she should be the only star-her debut, and her wedding. Since Iza didn't get to have a debut, she wants to go all out for her wedding day. She laughingly shared that she intends to spend a large chunk of her wedding budget on herself: her gown, accessories, and makeup. Iza said that the food budget is a close second. "(And) of course, the food, because I want everyone there to be happy. 'Cause I love food, so I just want (it) to be exquisite. Basta yummy. Siyempre I have to be with a guy who enjoys food as much as I do." Iza, who adores veggies, would like to have lots of them (as well as fish) on her reception menu. She also has quite a sweet tooth (something we found out during the interview) which she'd like to indulge during the wedding with lots and lots of chocolates, strawberries, and champagne.

What wedding chika would be complete without talking about the gown? Iza named Patrice Ramos-Diaz and the team of Pepsi Herrera and Edwin Tan as three of the designers she'd like to design her wedding dress. All three, she shared, are great to work with, and know what would look good on her. And what about the dress? " Basta tube, like what Charlotte (of Sex and the City ) wore during her first wedding." Iza said she would leave the more elaborate details of her gown to her 'dream designer team'-they have, after all, dressed her for awards nights and other events she's attended.

"Talking about it now.I never really dwelled on the whole ' I want my wedding (to be). ' Sometimes kasi when (I plan something) too specifically and I don't get it, I get hurt e . Kaya with me din , I don't like thinking about it (her dream wedding) too much, going into too many details, (because) when I don't get it, I feel bad-especially when you plan it exactly. Like now, wala pang groom-well, I may have met him already; maybe I'm just not with that person."

We talked about the more specific details as well, such as what songs she'd like to be played during her wedding. " Madami , like 'Sa 'Yo Lamang and Ikaw ." She'd like Regine Velasquez or Lani Misalucha to sing on her day too. When we asked her about the songs she'd like to dance her first and last dances to, she replied, with a blush and a smile, "Depends on who I'll end up with kasi, di ba, couples usually have a song? As cheesy as it sounds, ako, I want to end up with a person who's going to have a song for me."

Iza also spoke of her interest in writing her own vows-a trend which is growing in popularity-saying it would make the ceremony more personal. Writing her own vows will probably come naturally to Iza, who has a habit of writing down thoughts, notes, and feelings whenever they become too powerful to contain. She said that although she doesn't get to write on her notebook/journal constantly, it feels almost cathartic when she does.

Iza Calzado

Special Thanks to: Edwin Tan (for Iza's top), Jhen Maranan of David's Salon-Vito Cruz (hair), Mike Lariosa (make up) and GMA Artist Center

We were nearing the end of the interview when we asked her the question whose answer would best sum up her dream wedding: what did she want people to remember most about her future wedding? She replied enthusiastically, "That they had fun and at the end of it, they'll say it was such a beautiful wedding." 

Finally, we asked Iza to describe her wedding in one word. Her answer? "Perfect." She then proceeded to giggle and say, "Yuck. Am I Charlotte ?"

Through the interview, we got to know a warm, passionate, romantic young woman who sees her dream wedding as being both a celebration of love and of her womanhood. Although she doesn't see herself getting married anytime in the near future, she puts herself in God's hands and simply looks forward to that special day.

"It should make me feel that I'm a woman talaga . Parang it's the essence of a wedding din , that you've come into your own womanhood and that you actually feel woman enough to marry someone and start a life and a family with (that) someone. Parang you're ready for motherhood or that you're preparing for motherhood. For that night, you have to feel the woman that you are."

The above article was published in About Weddings' maiden issue, released last December 4, 2004. Watch out for About Weddings' 2nd Issue on January 1, 2005!