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This month, Celebrity Dream Weddings scores an interview with two of the most talented, upcoming young artists today. Every Sunday, Kyla and Karylle dazzle us with their powerful and moving vocals at GMA 7’s SOP. Now, these two young women get candid about future plans and wedding bells.

Celebrity Dream Weddings: Kyla and Karylle: Music of the Heart

By About Weddings
Celebrity Dream Bride, Kyla Celebrity Dream Bride, Karylle

Celebrity Bride Kyla(left) and Karylle(Right)

About Weddings: At what age do you see yourself getting married?

Karylle: In my mid-twenties. Sasagarin ko na yung single life. Wala akong boyfriend so at least by then siguro nakahanap na ‘ko ng my one true love.
Kyla: Ako siguro, mga 27. Marami pa ‘kong gustong gawin and I really want to enjoy being single. Tsaka wala pa kaming boyfriend so mahirap naman i-rush.
Karylle: And kailangan muna makilala mo yung boyfriend na gusto mong pakasalan. Sana yung next boyfriend ko yun na yung pakakasalan ko, yun yung goal ko.

AW: What TV or movie wedding (meaning real or not) captured your attention? And what was it about that wedding that made it memorable for you?

Kar: Kay Donita Rose! Oh my God (she and Kyla exclaim together), kasi there was so much love.
Kyla: And it was sobrang enchanting.
Kar: It wasn’t a big wedding, wasn’t about the gown or anything. It was about the love, that was the focus, and you could see, when Eric looked at her (Donita)—
Kyla: And nag-kiss sila—
Kar: They were so excited, and they looked so in love, it was beautiful; true love.

AW: Where would a big chunk of your wedding budget go?

Kar: Sa trip. I really want a great trip. A trip to Europe or Amanpulo. I guess a lot of girls want the same thing naman.
Kyla: Ako din sa trip. Kasi kayong dalawa yun e.
Kar: Of course you’ll spend on the wedding but I don’t want something big.
Kyla: I want something more intimate, like a garden wedding maybe.

AW: What do you think of traditional Filipino weddings?

Kar: Sometimes it’s hard because a lot of them don’t enjoy the occasion. Maybe it’s because of the stiff clothing, that they can’t enjoy themselves. Siyempre it’s better if they’re able to celebrate right after.
Kyla: Ako gusto ko yung traditional. Di ko alam. Maybe because it looks so cultured.
Kar: I like the one sa video ng The Corrs, where they played for a wedding and it was in a tent. Pero aircon. Ayoko ng mainit. Ayoko naman na pawisan yung groom ko.

AW: What do you think of writing your own vows?

Kyla: It’s more personal, galing sa ‘yo talaga.
Kar: And pinag-isipan mo. When you take the time to write what you want to say, there’s more commitment.
Kyla: You really mean it and it’s from your heart din.

AW: Have you already thought of a motif or theme?

Kar: I want something super colorful so ako lang yung naka-white, and yung bridesmaids ko are dressed in different styles. And I want the flowers to be bright and colorful too.
Kyla: Gusto ko maraming flowers. And I want them in purple, blue, violet, pink, that combination. Pero we haven’t really thought of a theme talaga, kasi nga we’re still single. Siguro pag nagka-boyfriend na kami we’ll give it more thought.

AW: And music?

Kar: Siyempre dapat may kantahan.
Kyla: Ako kakantahan ko yung groom ko nung theme song namin. (Both gush and giggle in excitement)

Kar: Puwede rin yung parang wedding na biglang tumayo yung guests and lahat sila kumakanta sa church.

Kyla: Gusto ko din kantahan niya ko, yung "For You" by Kenny Lattimore.

AW: So singer din dapat?

Kyla: Di naman.
Kar: Cute nga pag di singer tapos kinantahan ka. Ang sweet di ba?

AW: What about your first and last dance?

Kyla: Ako "For You" pa rin.
Kar: Ako naman "The Way You Look Tonight". (Proceeds to sing the first few bars)

AW: What is the one wedding detail you’d enjoy the most?

Kar: Probably the celebration, kasi I want people to enjoy it talaga.

AW: Describe your dream wedding in one word.

Kyla: Enchanting.
Kar: Colorful. Grabe nakaka-kilig!

AW: What would you like people to remember about your wedding?

Kar: Yung parang kay Donita that we were so in love. Di mo na maiisip yung other details, kasi you’d see the love. Sometimes kasi they focus on the gowns and all that, but at the end of the day, it’s about the love.
Kyla: And when it’s like that, pag nakakanood ako sa TV, and they’re so in love, naiiyak talaga ako.

At the end of the interview it was clear that although both Kyla and Karylle don’t see marriage in their immediate plans, they look forward to their special days with excitement and anticipation. We’re definitely sure that when the time comes and each of them has found her ‘one true love’, the ceremony will be a love-filled, musical affair to remember.

The above article was published in About Weddings' January issue.