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With a recent box-office movie hit, a phenomenal teleserye, and a plum role as the newest Darna in a new teleserye to be aired on evening primetime on GMA-7, Angel Locsin is certainly soaring high in her career. This young star shared her thoughts on her dream day with About Weddings.

Celebrity Dream Weddings: An Angel's Dream Wedding

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Celebrity Dream Bride, Angel Locsin

Celebrity Dream Bride, Angel Locsin

The simple wedding for this high-flying GMA star will be set on a beach "…most probably Boracay," as Angel fancies. With reggae music playing in the background, the beach wedding promises to have a tropical yet romantic mood. Angel wants Bamboo, Rivermaya, or other members of those bands to be her wedding singers, because, "Basta, I want it [the wedding] to be cool and to make people feel young." When asked about whose celebrity wedding she wants hers to be like, she said, "I want to have yung parang kay Ate Mirriam [Quiambao]; nasa beach din, tapos hindi masyadong engrande—simple lang, but all the people who mattered most to her were with her ‘nung araw na iyon."

The beach will also be the place for her honeymoon. "But, if we have the money, I want it sana outside the country, somewhere in Europe like Rome or Paris para mas romantic." Angel also thinks that the honeymoon should be the ultimate retreat for the couple, "…kasi iyon yung time niyo talaga together as husband and wife."

Angel Locsin wants to get married when she is between 22 to 25 years old. Why so young? She wants a bond with her child, one that she describes thus: "…na parang barkada lang. Iyong parang kay Danica [Sotto] and kay Tita Dina. They look very close and very cool together. I want to be more than a mom to my child; gusto ko, best friend din niya ako." But this wish might not be feasible right now. "Marami kasing may ayaw dun sa age range na iyon; ayaw ni Daddy and most [of the] people around me. But it’s okay; I know they’re just looking out for me." So does she have any man in mind? To that she responded with a sweet smile.

Having seen her fly as Alwina in Mulawin, fans and spectators alike await her next big step. Wedding plans may not be part of her immediate concerns, but she does say that, "…’pag malapit na ako ikasal, I’ll put a lot of time and effort in preparing [for it]; well-planned ang wedding pero simple lang."

Since she is one of GMA-7’s hottest talents, the whole country anticipates Angel’s first flight as the ultimate Filipino heroine Darna, who will walk someday down the aisle and have her simple beach wedding.

The above article was published in About Weddings' February Issue.