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Christmas Wedding Themes

With Christmas being the most popular month for weddings, we put together different Christmas Wedding themes as unique, fun alternatives in celebrating a December union.

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas…" as the popular song goes. Though we don't have a White Christmas here in the Philippines, it doesn't mean we cannot dream of it for our own wedding.

White Chritmas Wedding Theme by Henry Pascual

For a White Christmas Wedding, have everything in white. Here are our suggestions:

  • Use white wedding invites. Hint at your wedding theme by decorating your invites with Western Christmas symbols (e.g. snowflakes, berries, bells and sleighs).
  • Consider lining your white wedding dress with faux white fur, to create a chilly ambiance. A long velvet cape would be a nice touch instead of the traditional veil. Taffeta and plaid are some of the traditional Christmas fabrics. Your groom and entourage should wear an all-white ensemble to match the motif. Consult with your make up artist to create that frosted, glittery look ala snow queen.
  • You and your entourage may carry a bouquet of white tulips or poinsettias, with leaves silver-dusted. Or if you want to try something unconventional, you may have your entourage carry white, silver-dusted, fur-lined muffs or stockings.
  • It would be nice if the ceremony venue can have an all-white décor – from the ceremony altar/gazebo, to chairs, to flowers, and adornments. Or, instead of white flowers, you could use frosted sprigs of holly, ivy and pine as aisle decor.
  • Your guests, entourage may throw white petals or faux snow to complement the snowy theme.
    1. For the reception décor, consider the following:
    2. White, silvery wreaths or stockings on doors or windows
    3. A giant white Christmas tree where guests can put their wedding gifts or potted branches or twigs (dusted with white and laden with frosted baubles or ornaments)
    4. Snowy fireplace in one corner
    5. Sleigh laden with yuletide logs or silver wrapped boxes and baubles
    6. Hanging faux snowflakes or silver stars or silver wrapped boxes
    7. White light bulbs or white Christmas lights
  • It would be nice if you can have frosted or translucent tables for the reception. However, if these are difficult to source, cover the tables instead with white cloth. Use shimmering, translucent fabric as the topmost covering or as an added design. Or, decorate the hemlines with white pompon braids. Decorate the back of the chairs with sprig of white firs and silver baubles.
  • For the table centerpieces, consider the following:
    1. Small white Christmas tree
    2. Silver wreath with white, milky candles in the middle. Or if you don't like candles, you may opt to put combination of silver wrapped boxes, frosted cones and firs, instead.
    3. Small decorated yuletide logs
    4. White milky candles of different sizes, surrounded with bleached stones
  • Use milky white or transparent wares, complemented with silver flatware. Tie white table napkins with either plain silver cord, or pompon braid, or faux feather ring. Or place a chalky white stone tied with silver cord on top of a folded napkin.
  • Serve Western Thanksgiving fare, Pinoy food (e.g. lechon, suman, puto bumbong, etc.) would not be suitable for a White Christmas concept. For drinks, you can serve eggnog or wine. Your wedding cake should be all white, decorated with tiny Christmas ornaments or holly.
  • For the wedding favors, consider the following:
    1. Small silver buckets laden with silver wrapped boxes
    2. Small muffs, mittens, stockings
    3. Snowflake-shaped key chain or trinket
    4. Silver bauble with your black & white photo on one side
    5. Edible items like chocolates, fruit cake, cookies. Use Japanese white paper or white linen as wrapper and white pompoms, feathers, silver ornaments or plain silver cord as trimmings.

If an all-white motif doesn't suit you, but still would like to maintain that Winter Christmas ambiance, consider the following color combinations - white and red, white and blue, white and gold. To maintain the snowy theme, the other color has to be used sparingly. With white as the background, strong colors like red and blue would already stand out even if used only on the details.

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