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Christmas Wedding Themes

With the Three Kings bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the newly-born Savior, why not we turn to the riches of the East and use them as inspiration to our Christmas Wedding?

For an Exotic Christmas Wedding, play around the exotic colors of gold, burgundy, purple and bronze. Here are our suggestions:

Holiday Wedding Theme by Natural Art Flowers and Decors

  • For the invites, use gold or light bronze as the background color and trim it with embossed images of the Three Kings' gifts. You may also opt for the scrolled type invites.
  • Instead of having a white wedding dress, why not wear a Moroccan-inspired wedding ensemble – bold colors, rich fabrics, elaborate designs? Dress like the King and Queen of the East and have your entourage look like princes and dames.
  • You and your entourage may carry a bouquet of exotic flowers. Or if you want to try something unconventional, you may have your entourage carry gifts like the Three Kings'.
  • Usually, the church's rich interiors would already fit the theme. However, if you are not having the ceremony inside a church, decorate your venue like a King's court – rich tapestry, opulent carpet and rugs. Flowers may not be necessary, you may opt to use candles, complemented with the scents of heady aromatics or incense.
  • Your guests, entourage may throw assorted colors of petal flowers or gold and silver coins for good luck.
  • For the reception décor, same as the ceremony venue, dress the reception venue like a King's court. Here are our suggestions:
    1. Lots of mirrors and glasses, gilded with elaborate artwork of gold, bronze
    2. Wreaths on top or center of the mirror
    3. Large yellow scented candle surrounded by exotic-colored baubles in front of the mirrors or glass walls
    4. Velvet or tapestry floor cushions
    5. Opulent carpets and rugs
    6. A giant Christmas tree, decorated with exotic-colored baubles or jeweled ornaments
    7. Hanging gold and silver stars or jeweled pieces
  • It would be nice if you can have bronze or gold gilded/painted furniture for the reception. However, if these are difficult to source, cover the tables instead with rich-colored cloths. Use shimmering, translucent fabric as the final covering or as an added design. Decorate the hemlines with tassels or colorful beadwork to put that Moorish feel.

    Holiday Wedding Theme by Natural Art Flowers and Decors

  • For the table centerpieces, consider the following:
    1. White or yellow candle on gold or brass colored candelabra
    2. Large yellow scented candle surrounded by exotic-colored baubles
  • Wreath with golden yellow candles in the middle. Or if you don't like candles, you may opt to put combination of richly colored wrapped boxes, golden cones n firs, instead.
  • Amber tinted vase filled with glittery gemstones
  • Gold or brass vase laden with exotic fruits or colorful flowers
  • Use bronze or gold gilded wares, complemented with gold flatware. Tie table napkins with either a gold cord or jeweled ring.
  • Serve Eastern banquet feast – spicy and exotic foods. Again, Pinoy food (e.g. lechon, suman, puto bumbong, etc.) would not be suitable for an Exotic Christmas concept. For drinks, you can serve wine. Your wedding cake should be as exotic as the ambiance, decorated with exotic fruits/flowers or jeweled ornaments.
  • For the wedding favors, consider the following:
    1. Miniature gold- or brass-colored oil lamps, lanterns, treasure chests
    2. Small richly beaded drawstring bags
  • Rich fabrics or scarves embossed with your names and wedding details
  • Small translucent glasses filled with glittery gemstones
  • Edible items like food spices, unleavened bread and spreads. Use rich fabric or exotic-colored paper as wrapper and colorful beads, baubles, cords as trimmings.
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