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Christmas Wedding Themes

Bring the most popular Christmas colors – red and green – to put the yuletide theme on your wedding.

For a Pinoy Christmas theme, here are our suggestions:

  • Use white-colored wedding invites. Better yet, use indigenous materials like sinamay or abaca for the invites. Hint at your wedding theme by decorating your invites with Pinoy Christmas symbols.

    Holiday Wedding Theme by Natural Art Flowers and Decors

  • Wear a Filipiniana-inspired wedding dress. Or, you may use indigenous materials to complement the Pinoy theme. Your groom and entourage ensemble should follow suit.
  • You and your entourage may carry the traditional bouquet. Or if you want to try something unconventional, you may have your entourage carry gifts, foods and rosaries.
  • During December, churches would already be decorated with Christmas ornaments. You may just use a combination of flowers and miniature Christmas lanterns (parols) to add decoration to the aisle.
  • Your guests, entourage may throw assorted colors of petal flowers or rice and coins for good luck.
  • For the reception décor, consider the following:
    1. Colorful wreaths made of indigenous materials
    2. Indigenous materials on hanging veins, twigs (with Christmas ornaments) for door, window frames and pillars
    3. Local colorful lanterns, colorful Christmas lights
    4. A giant traditional Christmas tree with indigenous materials as trimmings, where guests can put their wedding gifts
  • It would be nice if you can have native furniture for the reception. However, if these are difficult to source, cover the tables instead with white cloth. Use indigenous materials as an added design. Decorate the back of the chairs with same materials.

    Holiday Wedding Theme by Natural Art Flowers and Decors

  • For the table centerpieces, consider the following:
    1. Small versions of the wreaths
    2. Miniature versions of the local lanterns
    3. Fruit bowls filled with local fruits (e.g. mango, dalandan) and rice goodies (e.g. suman, puto bumbong)
  • You may use banana leaves or abaca as placemats, complemented with same materials to tie white table napkins.
  • Serve Pinoy Christmas fare. For drinks, you can serve local wine. Your wedding cake should be all white, decorated with either local flowers, fruits or local Christmas ornaments.
  • For the wedding favors, consider the following:
  • For the table centerpieces, consider the following:
    1. Keepsakes made of indigenous materials decorated with Christmas ornaments (jewel box made of abaca, small bags made of sinamay)
    2. Edible items like local fruits, kesong puti, tsokolate, and rice goodies. Use indigenous materials as wrapper and Christmas ornaments as trimmings.
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