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Christmas Wedding Tips

Holiday rush need not also mean 'Wedding rush.' With early preparation and careful planning, you can still have the wedding you dream of, even at the busiest time of the year.

Note that December is the peak season for weddings. Book church and reception at least 1 year in advance, if you can do earlier, so much the better.

By booking your venue at least 1 year in advance, you would also be able to see how these venues look like during Christmas season. More or less, venues use the same Christmas decors. You would know early on if you will have to allocate additional budget to decorating the venue or the existing look would already be sufficient for your occasion.

Choose an early December date, we suggest any day of the 1st week of December. The possibility of conflict with Christmas parties, holiday rush would be less.

Try to finalize all your wedding needs at least 6 months before the altar date. With December being the popular wedding month, you wouldn't want to miss the suppliers you want (simply because they are already fully booked) or to have your wedding items be rushed.

Sound off, as early as possible, the wedding date to your prospect guests so they can immediately include your special date in their December itinerary. Give out the

Christmas at The Bellevue Manila invitations at least a month before, especially if you will be using postal mail as delivery mode. Note that during December, the local postal office would usually have a cut off date, wherein all mails received thereafter will be delivered early next year.

While out of town weddings would be nice, note that with the holiday rush and traffic, a nearer, easily accessible venue would be more appreciated by your guests (and would have better guest attendance).

Choose a covered venue. Or at least prepare a back up tent if you really want an outdoor venue. December month is still highly susceptible to rain.

Do your Christmas shopping, errands early on. Don't let the Christmas hustle and bustle get in the way of your wedding. And vice versa.

Unless you are not working, it is best to have a wedding planner at least 1 month before the wedding. It might be difficult to file for a long leave of absence given December might not only mean Christmas parties but also company Christmas projects, year-ender reports, planning sessions, etc.

Lastly, instead of receiving gifts, consider a charity project to be your wedding gift registry. After all, Christmas symbolizes the ultimate love and sacrifice of the Lord, the giving of His Son. May your December wedding epitomize the true essence of Christmas.