Wedding Article

It's in the Details

by Maraya Bien

When planning their wedding, couples tend to concentrate on the "bigger" things, like the wedding venue, the entourage's clothes or the reception menu. But what many forget is that the small wedding details make a lot of difference. They can add a touch of elegance, make it more intimate, and tell everyone that your wedding is just a little bit more personal.

Personalized Invitation Seal

The invitation is your guests' first peek to your wedding. It's their first hint on what kind of wedding yours will be and what they can expect from it. As such, imagine what kind of message your wedding invitations will convey if, instead of the usual glue, it was fastened with your very own personalized wedding seal? You can either have a personalized wax seals like that offered by YRL Design & Print or something more solid like The Write Impressions' hand made seals.

Vintage Bridal Car

New car models may be really shiny and flashy, but nothing commands attention like a vintage car. The preferred mode of transportation of royalties and the biggest Hollywood stars (Johnny Depp drives one), old classic cars evoke old world glamour and timeless elegance. Think how differently your guests will react if, instead of the standard white sedan, you stepped out of a shimmering, white 1934 Studebaker. If you want your own "Princess Di moment", you can check out The Wedding Belle's collection of fine vintage cars.

Light Design

You may not be aware of it, but good lighting has the power to enhance features and make just about anything and anyone look better (try visiting a professional photo shoot and you'll see what we mean.) Use this to your advantage. Hire a professional to set up the light design in your wedding. Louie Lareza, a professional lights and sound design specialist, can help you set the overall ambience of your wedding and make it look its very best.

Personalized Table Napkins

To add a special and intimate touch, personalize your table napkins by having your monograms stitched on them. You can also choose to have your initials embossed, if you like. You can get metal embossers at most arts and crafts store, or, if you're gutsy enough to brave the mass of students that is perpetually present there, in Recto.

Personalized, Edible Wedding Favors

Wedding souvenirs have two fates: they either end up collecting dust in a shelf or inside thrash bins just minutes after the end of the reception. To avoid this from happening to your own wedding souvenirs, why not give your guests something they'll actually enjoy? You can, for example, give out personalized chocolate bars. Not only will this ensure that your wedding souvenirs won't go to waste (no sensible human being is going to throw out chocolate), but you can also personalize the wrapper so that it reflects your and your spouse's personalities and tastes.

If you decide to take the edible souvenir route, check out OA Sweets' line of personalized chocolate candies and wrappers.

You may not have the money to match Lakshmi Mittal's daughter's wedding (who does?), but with these small details, you can still make your wedding truly memorable and extraordinary.