Wedding Article

My Wedding Journal

By Maraya Bien

Hi Corrie (short for Corona notebook), yap that's what I'll call you and you will be my confidante starting today. Guess what, I'm going to be engaged soon! Hans's mom told me awhile ago while we are in the engagement party of Hans's brother. Hans is just grinning at me earlier but I had mixed emotions. I don't know if I'm ready! Help me get through the night…sana makatulog ako ng mahimbing…

July 4, 2001

Hey it's final! Hans and I are getting married next year. I called my mom and as I expected, they are also excited. Especially papa, he even made sermon that I should be good because it would be embarrassing if I made any problems with Hans's family. Grabe…

August 1, 2001

Hans told me that we are not the one who will be choosing the exact wedding date. He said we will just give the month and the Chinese monks will "compute" the lucky date for our wedding.

And guess what…our "lucky" date is December 1, 2002! I spent the rest of the day calling all the best churches in the city. The fee is so expensive pala! Most of them cost P15,000-P20,000!

August 9, 2001

Hans's mom was able to book San Sebastian Church. It's still more than a year away but it's already difficult to book churches. I searched the Internet, San Sebastian is the only church that is made of steel. It's very old and historical.

September 15, 2001

We attended a bridal fair today, it's our first time! There are so many wedding booths featuring their wedding products like gowns, shoes, souvenirs, invites, photo and video packages, coordination, caterers and a lot more! We also watched a bridal fashion show, and the gowns are so gorgeous!

Hans is browsing!

I can't sleep…need to research more options. It's a good thing there are wedding resource sites like There are scheduled bridal fairs listed there and I need to attend those!

My first visit to a bridal fair

February 19, 2002

Finally, we have decided on a hotel venue. After reserving a slot with 3 hotels a week ago, we chose The Peninsula Manila. The place is very elegant. It will be in the Rigodon Ballroom and we expect that it can accommodate 500 guests. I also called several make-up artists earlier and asked for their prices. Grabe mahal…perhaps I'll just go for the makeup artist referred by Hydee, Hans's sister-in-law. It's cheaper and maganda pa ang work nya.

March 30, 2002

I started drafting my entourage last week and now we finalized the members. Haay, ang hirap mamili at isingit lahat ng close friends, cousins, nieces and nephews. We have 10 pairs of entourage members excluding flower girls and bearers. Our principal sponsors are 10 pairs too! I also called the makeup artist and made a schedule for a trial make-up on October.

April 3, 2002

I still have no design for my gown! Nakakabaliw mag-browse sa Internet for gown designs! I like all of them!! We attended 5 wedding fairs so far and my folder is already full of quotations from wedding suppliers.

There's a very nice wedding gimmick – butterflies! But Hans's mom told us yesterday that butterflies signify death so it's bad luck for Chinese…sigh…buti na lang because 1 butterfly costs P200!

I still can't decide on the design!

Which one of these designs is the best?

April 6, 2002

I am so excited because we went today to a wedding gown designer, Edward Teng. We talked about possible designs that will suit me. He even drew 3 drafts of gowns after asking my preferences.

Hans' mom also gave us a budget for our furniture. It is a Chinese custom that the fiance's family should provide the furniture for the couple and the fiancee's family to provide the appliances. I'm already excited to shop for our things! Which design kaya would be nice? European? Oriental? Or Filipino?

April 12, 2002

Hans and I decided that we wanted a "Ting-hun" – a Chinese engagement party. It's a Chinese custom that the bride's family will host it. I called my mom and I told her that I preferred that the venue will be in Manila. Papa argued with us and he wanted it to be in Ilagan para isabay na din ang pamanhikan. I was frustrated because I'm thinking that Hans' family will have a hard time to travel for 9 hours. But I realized that it's also better that they will visit my hometown and do the pamanhikan – the Pinoy way. We plan to tell Hans's parents about it tomorrow.

I also told them about the Chinese custom that my family will provide for the appliances. My parents agreed and it will be their wedding gift to us. Also, it is a Chinese custom that the groom's family will pay for the wedding expenses.

April 15, 2002

It's our 6th anniversary today! Hans's parents liked the idea of going to Ilagan for our "Ting-hun" and they began planning the trip with Ama and Ankong (Hans' grandparents) and other relatives. They told us that it is also a sign of respect to the Filipino tradition.

April 18, 2002

After 3 days of searching our desired wedding ring designs, we finally found one when we went to Binondo, in one of jewelry shops there.

May 2, 2002

We booked The Banquet Specialty Shoppe to be our wedding planner. We found them first from and then we went to their booth during the wedding fair.

June 8, 2002 – The Ting-Hun and The Pamanhikan

Hans serving tea to my relatives.

Our engagement cake.

Hans' and my family for the pamanhikan.

A necklace from Hans' parents.

Our engagement gifts.

June 12, 2002

Hi again… I have a month's worth of journal entry today. I went home June 6th to help my family prepare for the big event – Engagement/Pamanhikan. We hired a caterer and party organizer to provide the food and decorate our garden for 100 people.

On the night of June 8th, I hid in my room and waited while my family and Hans' family talked (pamanhikan). I'm not supposed to be seen before the "Ting-hun" proper. I wore a red formal dress because a "Chinese fiancee" should wear red.

When the pamanhikan talk was over, Mama guided me in walking backwards. Hahaha! I felt funny walking that way.

The next part of the program was the giving of engagement gifts to both of us…new dresses, sets of jewelry, etc. The last part is the Chinese tea ceremony where I have to serve tea to Hans' family members and he did the same to my family. Whew! What an experience!

August 8, 2002

Yesterday we found a gorgeous sofa set from Play and Display in Herrera St. cor Ayala. The good news is, it is on sale! We reserved it immediately and then today we paid it in full. It will be delivered in our home next week! I also listed the final members of the entourage after long, tiring, and numerous revisions. My main problem now is the guest list...on my side, we should only have 200 guests, but my list is growing and growing every week!

August 27, 2002

This morning I received the baptismal certificate and other requirements from our parish. We submitted them in San Sebastian and then we received our wedding banns to be posted in our respective parishes.

Sept 20, 2002

We finalized everything awhile ago with the wedding planner on the specific details of the wedding cake, table arrangement, flowers, limousine, schedule of photography and video, invites, music for the reception, and others.

I also submitted to Edward Teng the picture of the gown design that I picked from a magazine and also the beadwork that I chose. My mom and the bridesmaids went with me earlier for body measurements. We finalized the motif and chose salmon color instead of celadon green, my first preference. Green seems to be not a lucky color for Chinese so we chan

ged motif.

Me and my mom in the couturier shop.

Sept. 27, 2002

We applied for our marriage license…we also planned for our honeymoon. We were thinking of spending it in Palawan or USA depending if I pass the interview with the US Embassy.

My trial make-up with Manolo Dilla

October 6, 2002

I went earlier to Manolo Dilla for my trial make-up. I also shopped for my wedding sandals. My feet ached because it was so hard finding the right comfortable wedding shoes! I found a Rusty Lopez gold sandals and bought it at once.

October 22, 2002

We had our food tasting earlier in Manila Pen with Hans' parents and Chinky, the banquet coordinator of the hotel. We chose a 6 course set menu for the reception instead of the usual Chinese lauriat.

October 27, 2002

My friends (13hoodz) surprised me with a bridal shower last night! My college friends, cousins, officemates and my sister attended the party. We had so much fun playing kinky games!

October 28, 2002

We registered at Rustan's bridal registry and chose our preferred wedding gifts. We had a hard time choosing because parang gusto ko lahat! Hahaha!

My friends surprised me with a bridal party!

Nov 21, 2002

We still don't have souvenirs for the guests! My wedding gown, entourage dresses and Hans' suit were delivered today. Some guests haven't confirmed yet so it's really difficult to make the seating arrangement for the reception…

November 26, 2002

We attended our confession at the San Sebastian and after that we went to the Manila Seedling Corporation in EDSA to look for miniature plants as souvenirs (as recommended by my boss). We ordered 400 pcs. and Hans will pick them up on the 30th.

November 30, 2002

I had my manicure, pedicure, waxing, and body massage done at a spa in Ortigas yesterday.

Me and my family checked-in in Manila Pen today and I can't sleep…tomorrow is the big day! I hope I will not cry in church. I spent the night chatting with my parents, brother and sister. All of us are tensed! I also double-checked everything that I need – safety pins, oil blotting film for my face, candies, white chalk for accident stains on my gown, and a mini-pressed powder. I hope I didn't miss anything. God, please make everything alright…

December 1, 2002 – The Wedding

Walking Down the Aisle

Hans and Mich

A toast

Cutting of the Cake

bride's maids

Wedding Picture

Groom's best men

December 3, 2002

Well, Corrie, I am Mrs. Hans Uy as of 2 days ago! Did I cry in the church? Yes. And worst, I couldn't stop! I was worried that something bad will happen. But when I saw Hans and he looked like he was falling in love again, I relaxed and took his hand to comfort me.

Tonight is our first night to sleep in our own bed. And I hope it would be the start of many beautiful nights for me and Hans.

Thank you, Corrie, for helping me prepare for the most important day of my life. Tonight is going to be my last wedding journal entry. Another chapter of my life has began…

It's a Chinese custom that before we sleep on our bed, a male who is born on a Dragon year must sleep there first. This is to invite fertility to the marriage. Hans's brother happened to be born on a Dragon year so he slept in our bed last night.
-- Mich