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Out-of-Town Weddings: Common Misconceptions

By Maraya Bien

You've read hundreds of bridal magazines. You've scanned the web pages of You've asked for advice from all your married female friends and relatives. You know everything you need to know about planning an out of town wedding. Or do you?

Here are some common misconceptions about planning an out of town wedding:

  • Holding your wedding out-of-town will save you money.
  • Not really. An out of town wedding will most probably be cheaper than a city wedding if you hire local suppliers, but if you plan to bring in your suppliers from Metro Manila, well, that's a different story.

    Couples have to shoulder the food, transportation and accommodation expenses of their suppliers. Also, because servicing out of town weddings would take up a large chunk of their time and require additional, most suppliers charge, on the average, an extra 20-30% for them.

    Aside from these, you also have to spend money for pre-wedding ocular inspections of the area, which, unless you don't mind finding out the day before the wedding that the reception are you chose is a two-hour drive away from your wedding venue, is a must.

  • An out-of-town wedding is harder to organize.
  • According to Ms. Bing Pascual of The Banquet Specialty Shoppe Inc., planning an out-of-town wedding is not any more difficult than planning a wedding in Manila. She further adds that coordinating an out of town wedding is "as easy as orchestrating an event in Manila," it is just a matter of planning.

  • All your guests would be thrilled with the prospect of travelling out-of-town for your wedding.
  • You found a beautiful church in Ilocos that would be perfect for your Filipiniana-themed wedding. After announcing to your friends and family that you're wedding will be held there, you hear groans instead of enthusiastic cheer. Why?

    We know that you are willing to travel to the ends of the world if it means that you'll get the perfect wedding, but you can't expect your entourage and guests to make the same sacrifice as you.

    You have to keep in mind that your guests are busy people; they can't just pack up and leave their jobs and families behind for two days. Besides travelling is not cheap; unless you shoulder their travelling and accommodation expenses, most of your guests would hesitate to spend good money to just attend your wedding.

  • In choosing the wedding venue for your out-of-town wedding, your decision begins and ends with selecting the prettiest wedding venue.
  • We know, we know. One of the reasons you chose to hold your wedding outside the city is because you want a very picturesque backdrop for your ceremony. But how great it looks should not be your only concern in choosing your wedding venue. You should also think about other factors like the availability of parking space, size of the venue, accessibility and the comfort of your guests. The place may look beautiful in your pictures afterwards, but how great would the pictures really be if your guests are all frowning and grumpy-looking in them?

  • Out-of-town weddings are more stressful.
  • It isn't. For one, the beautiful locale would definitely relax your nerves and lessen your wedding jitters. Also, you can actually take advantage of the situation and make the event an enjoyable one. Spend an extra day or two in the area and turn the whole event into a mini-vacation for you and your family. While there, you can hit the tourist spots, check out the local restaurants, go to the spa and spend time really getting to know each other's family and friends.

    The smaller number of guests (the whole point of having an out-of-town wedding is because you want an intimate and private affair, and you can't have that with 500 guests) will also mean less work entertaining for you.

    Now, are you ready to plan that perfect out-of-town wedding?
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