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Planning a Beach Wedding: Insights from a Wedding Planner

If you are really keen on having a beach wedding, the following are some insights and tips from wedding planner JP Montilla on how to plan one.

Q: Is beach wedding popular here in the Philippines, given our country is blessed with beautiful beaches?

JP: Sorry to say that beach weddings are not that popular in our country for the following reasons: it is a logistical challenge; it is too warm for a formal event; the Catholic Church is far from the beach. Only Christian and Civil weddings can be done in the beach.

Wedding Planner JP Montilla

Q: Which location would you recommend for those planning for a beach wedding? Kindly give your top 5 options (1 being the highest )

3-Nasugbu, Batangas

Q: What are the ideal months for a beach wedding?

JP: The ideal months for beach weddings are between September to May. The other months may have chance of rain.

Q: How much does it usually cost to do a beach wedding?

JP: Since doing a wedding at the beach is going to cost more than a city wedding; the range of cost would be at least PhP400,000.00 to PhP700,000.00. Suppliers commonly charge more due to out of town trips. Plane or boat tickets will have to be considered as well as hotel accommodation for suppliers.

Q: What time of the day is ideal for a beach wedding?

JP: I do recommend beach weddings to take place on sunset for the reason that it is not too warm or humid. Since the event is to be held on the beach, the concept should just be elegant to still give the feel of a wedding.

Q: Any tips and advice in choosing wedding suppliers?

JP: Work with suppliers that are willing to do the event at the beach and that won't charge too much for the out of town trips. If you can also find reliable suppliers near the area, it may help bring down the cost.

Q: Please share some ideas on how to make the reception program of a beach wedding more unique and interesting.

JP: Since the location is a bit informal, the program should go to the direction of heavy cocktails, party themes. Atmosphere should be more relaxed, so you can enjoy the venue more.

Q: Can you relate your experience in organizing a beach wedding?

JP: The recent event that I did last year was at Tali Beach on August. Since it was a Christian wedding, the ceremony and the reception was held in the same venue. Unfortunately, the weather was playing around. The day started out sunny then it suddenly rained. Good thing the weather cleared up early evening. The couple was prepared for it; they had a white parachute made for the wedding.

Q: How do you compare organizing a beach wedding to a church/hotel or garden preparation?

JP: Doing a wedding at a church/hotel or a restaurant is definitely easier to do. However, even if doing a beach wedding may be a challenge, it is surely worth the effort if it's planned well. It does require more people and longer preparation though. You will have to go to the venue at least once or twice and research your logistics.

Q: Any last tips/advice for those who really want to do a beach wedding? JP: For the couples who want to do a beach wedding, I urge you to push through with your plans. Plan earlier than 6 months. Shop around for suppliers in your area and also in the area where you want to have the wedding, Expect a higher cost with the supplier and expect that you will have to shoulder their plane/ boat ticket (transportation) and accommodation.

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