Wedding Article

The Out-Of-Town Wedding Trend

By Maraya Bien

By the powdery white sands of Boracay…

In the rustic Caleruega Church in Batangas…

Overlooking the beautiful Taal Lake…

Inside a small and quiet chapel in Baguio…

Weddings that take place in these settings are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

What is it with the idea of an out-of-town wedding that's luring more and more would-be couples out of the city and into the quaint countryside?

• Couples hold their weddings out of town because they want to keep it intimate and private. Having their wedding outside the city would allow them to keep the number of guests at a minimum and not "force" them to invite neighbors, mere acquaintances and distant relatives.

• A lot of couples are looking for something unique, something that could make their wedding stand out from other couples' own nuptials. The wide variety of sceneries the Philippine countryside offers couples a chance to better personalize their wedding.

• More couples are looking for a ceremony that is not only special to them but also to their guests. By holding their wedding out-of-town where the number of guests is kept at a minimum, couples feel that they will be able to entertain their wedding guests better.

• Out-of-town weddings are becoming trendy because more couples are looking for a more scenic and picturesque backdrop for their wedding.

• The development of new wedding venues, good resorts and hotels in places like Tagaytay and Batangas also contributes to the ever-growing popularity of out-of-town weddings. More couples are opting to hold their wedding in these venues because it allows them to enjoy the best of both worlds: a beautiful and scenic provincial setting and the comforts and amenities of good hotels and wedding/reception venues.

• Out-of-town weddings allow for a more lavish celebration because of the smaller number of guests. Couples don't have to scrimp on the food, drinks and decorations to make their budget fit for the 500 guests. Instead, they can make sure that there is more than enough food and drinks for the 100 close friends and relatives who will be celebrating the special day with them.

• The improvement of roads leading to these wedding destinations could also explain why out-of-town weddings are incredibly popular nowadays. More couples are willing to hold their weddings outside the city as better infrastructures have made the provinces more accessible and travelling more comfortable (no more long, bumpy rides.)

• More couples are taking advantage of the situation and are turning their weddings into a short vacation for them and their families. What would normally be a one-day event are extended into a three, five day-holiday. Out-of-town weddings are becoming more popular because couples are now looking at them as a chance for their families to get to know each other better and enjoy more entertaining activities.

But more than all these, what makes out-of-town weddings a hit among couples is the chance it gives to make their wedding day the most unique, memorable and special day of their lives.

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