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Unique Wedding Requests

From last year to this year's insights, truly, weddings are getting to be more and more unique, different. And just to reinforce this statement, we've gathered some actual and unique requests from couples-to-be to their wedding suppliers…

"The couple requested that our photographers wear floral shirts and slippers, in keeping with the wedding's Hawaiian theme."

-- Ariel Javelosa Photography

"The couple did not want us to take pictures of guests, just pictures of them (bride and groom) only! Then, another couple is super scared if there is just the two of them in the pictures. While we were doing the 'in betweens' they would call friends over to join in the picture taking."

-- Imagine Nation Photography

"An ivory and ebony couple who wanted their skin tone to be almost the same (not too dark and not too white)."

-- Smart Shot Studio

"A couple came to choose an invitation. Then the groom's mother chose another design...then the bride's father...then the brothers, then the uncle, then the went on! Finally, the couple brought along with them the whole barangay...and each chose a different design!

-- QP Designs

"Bride did not want us to discuss the real price of the menu to her groom. She wanted us to declare a lower rate and she will discreetly pay for the difference."

-- The Westin Philippine Plaza

"The couple wanted tarpaulins with their faces on them, to be displayed on the roads leading to the venue. "

-- The Manila Catering