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Wedding Trends 2005

What is the color for this year?
What is the newest style?
What is the trend for 2005?

Every time a new year starts, we get a lot of e-mails with these questions. Finally, we have gathered some of the industry's veterans and budding professionals to share their observations on last year's styles and most importantly, their forecasts for this year's wedding trends.

Wedding Fashion Trends

Ms. Delby Bragais debuted in 1999 as the featured fashion designer of the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. She is also an Internationally-certified Image Consultant, doing workshops, programs for corporations and organizations on image enhancement, visual poise, business etiquette, and the like.

Last year, classic colors of cream, champagne, ecru and brilliant white were popular for the gowns. My hit fabrics were Indian silks I personally chose and brought back from India, Thai silks, Duchess and Italian satins. 'Individualistic designs' and 'classic with a twist' characterized my most popular designs last year. One is really different and and heavy on concept; while the other is basically classic with a little touch of "something different" - like an accessory, an unusual fabric, or some touch of colors.

For accessories, whether on the wedding dress or separate from the gown - such as hairpieces - I have a fondness for using Swarovski crystals from Austria. My brides loved them too! They lend an unmatched brilliance and class to my designs.

Ms. Delby P. Bragais with Mr. Johnny Litton

For year 2005, classic colors will prevail, with the usual smattering of unusual light pale colors of pink shades, yellow shades, peach shades, golden hues.

I foresee more lace to be used this year, in line with the persistent "vintage"inspiration. An overlay of a beautiful European cream lace over a pale pink satin, for example, will achieve a soft, feminine look and create a subtle variation for the bride who wants something different without going overboard.

More gowns will have sleeves this year as compared to last year, while the classic strapless wedding gown will still be a staple.

The trend for a concept wedding or 'themed' wedding will still continue this year, with more couples opting to inject their personal choices and showcase their individuality through their wedding, and thus in their wedding outfits.

A bridal design using soft peachItalian satin with an overlay of intricately embroidered cream tulle lace embeilshed with cut glass and crystals. by Delby P. Bragais

Bridal Design by Delby Bragais Simple and clean lines using rich, luxurious fabrics with delicate surface designs. by Delby P. Bragais

Bridal Design by Delby Bragais A bridal creation made of handwoven Indian silk and embroidered tulle lace, accented with ostrich feathers. by Delby P. Bragais

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