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Worry-free Garden Wedding

By Rona Palisoc, Gazebo Royale

There is a magical appeal in having a garden wedding. It is definitely romantic to walk down the aisle smelling the scent of freshly cut grass or flowers… to say 'I do' under a clear blue sky or a blanket of stars…to celebrate the most important day of your life in a near-paradise ambiance…

There are also a lot of worries in having one. It is definitely unromantic to walk down the aisle with heels sinking on soil…to say 'I do,' wet and disheveled from a sudden downpour…to celebrate the most important day of your life in a storm-swept ambiance…

Of course, a different set of worries goes with a garden wedding that might be too sunny…Would perfect garden weddings exist only in dreams or is it possible to have a worry-free garden wedding?

Garden Wedding by Ariel Javelosa

With today's modern garden venues, you can be assured that, rain or shine, your dream wedding will not be ruined. Modern garden venues are well-covered and allow for the ambiance of a garden wedding without the hassle of putting up tents, contending with wet grass or worrying over the decorations.

1. There are gazebos to protect you and your wedding guests from uncooperative weather. These gazebos can accommodate from 200 to 800 people.

Water Fountains by Gazebo Royale

2. There would be less need to concentrate on decorating the place as the garden landscape and features are enough to create an ambiance worth remembering.

3. Though there is no air conditioning, modern garden venues allow for natural air to come in, guests would have the feeling of dining al fresco, and there are dehumidifiers as well to counter the heat.

4. There can be no uneven terrain to contend with, no mud to spoil your immaculate white wedding dress, and no more shoes sinking into the soil. Carpet can be laid down or some venues would have cobbled or paved walkways.

Al Fresco Banquet Hall

5. Modern garden venues are also equipped with everything necessary to complete the perfect garden wedding. These venues come with power sources for the event's entertainment, coverage, and catering.

Gazebo Royale's dramatic lighting

6. Kitchen or preparation areas are available for the catering, also clean facilities like separate comfort rooms for men and women, stages for string quartet or host, as well as ample parking for the convenience of your guests.

7. Dramatic lighting at night amidst natural backdrop also lends romance to the event.

With today's modern garden venues, you can have a truly worry-free garden wedding. All you need to do is hire your caterer, performers/hosts, and each other for a truly romantic and unforgettable garden wedding.

Garden Wedding by Ariel Javelosa