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Bacolod Wedding Churches - A Mix of History, Culture, and Beauty
By Jonathan Dionisio
13 September 2010

Bacolod City is not just about the MassKara Festival. Little do others know, the City of Smiles and the rest of Negros Occidental is dotted too with picturesque churches where couples can hold the most important ceremony of their lives – their wedding. Each one has its own unique feature and story which makes it a perfect footnote to a traditional Bacolod wedding.

San Sebastian Cathedral
The most popular Bacolod church wedding venue is the San Sebastian Cathedral. Before the cathedral was constructed, the church during the early 1800's was made from nipa, hardwood, and amacan or woven bamboo. The construction of the current church began in April 27, 1876. The design of the cathedral was made by Fray Mauricio Ferrero, the first Recollect parish priest of Bacolod. The church was dedicated on January 19, 1882 to San Sebastian. In 1933, Bacolod was raised to the status of a diocese and the church became a cathedral.

The entrance to the church is through a portico composed of three arches of equal dimensions. Although the main door is relatively small, its high ceiling adorned with chandeliers and its long aisle adds drama to a bride's walk down the aisle.

Other Churches in Bacolod City

Brgy. Sang Virgen Chapel (Birhen sang Barangay Chaplaincy)
The Sta. Clara Subdivision chapel features a unique mural mosaic measuring a 9 ft. x 21 ft. of the lady of the Barangay Sang Virgen done on a collage of 95,000 pieces of shells of various sizes, shades and colors.

San Antonio Abad Church
This crown-shaped church features Stations of the Cross done by Bacolod's top artists. It also features an altar sculpture "The Risen Christ" done by a national Artist, Solomon Saprid.

Sacred Heart Shrine (Lupit Church)
Contrary to the usual designs of Negros Occidental wedding churches, it features a belfry that sits on top of the entrance to the church with tall narrow windows of stained glass lining. The stained glass windows lend a strong reddish, orange cast to everything inside. Series of curved arches are broken by the geometric square pattern that is painted all over the ceiling.

Other popular Bacolod wedding venues for church weddings include the Blessed Mother And St. John The Evangelist Church, Bacolod Redemptorist Church, St. Jude Thaddeus Shrine, Our Lady of Candles Parish, Queen of Peace Parish, Triumph Of The Holy Cross Parish, and Our Lady Of The Miraculous Medal Chapel, among others.

Other Negros Occidental Wedding Venues

St. Joseph the Worker Chapel
Found inside the compound of the Victorias Milling Corporation, the Chapel of St. Joseph the Worker is a testament of Philippine artistry and creativity. It used broken glass and soda bottles gathered by the residents of the mill to create the baptistery mosaic which depicts Jesus Christ with physical features similar to the Filipinos. The main attraction is the psychedelic colors and overall flame-like execution of the mural found in the altar that has been dubbed "The Angry Christ."

Chapel of the Cartwheels (Hacienda Rosalia Chapel)
Located on Santa Rosalia farm in Manapla, Negros Occidental, the chapel roof resembles a stylized salakot (farmer's triangular hat), and the walls are made from discarded molave cartwheels. It has stained glass windows made from brown beer bottles, green soda and wine bottles, red vigil lamps, and blue milk of magnesia bottles.

San Diego Pro-Cathedral
This Negros Occidental wedding venue, located in Silay City, was designed by Italian architect Lucio Bernasconi. He took the model for the Silay church from the churches of Italy. The church's layout is in the shape of a Latin cross, with a cupola rising forty meters above the nave. Construction was completed in 1927, and the new church was inaugurated that same year. On December 25, 1994, then-Bishop of the Diocese of Bacolod, Monsignor Camilo Gregorio declared the San Diego Parish Church a pro-cathedral, making it the only pro-cathedral outside of Metro Manila.

Church of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage
The church, situated in the heart of downtown La Carlota City, has the distinction of one of the very few churches of Romanesque architectural design in Negros Occidental. Features of this fortress church are the lavish use of red Silay bricks and coral stones from nearby Guimaras Island. The bricks and corals are bonded together with lime. It is believed that eggs were used as a binder for the lime, and labor was forced by the Spaniards to construct that wall of the fortress church.

Whether it’s a traditional or contemporary Bacolod wedding, couples will surely find a church wedding venue that will reflect their uniqueness and personality as a couple. Visit’s Wedding Suppliers Directory to find the contact details of these Negros Occidental church wedding venues.

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