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Have a Bacolod Wedding and Fill Your Marriage with Smiles

By Rhea T. Ocampo
August 2015

They say that how you start an undertaking affects the entire duration of completing it. The same principle applies to marriage. If you want to have a blissful married life, begin your union with a sweet and romantic smile. And there is no better place to spread a smile on your wedding day than in Bacolod - The City of Smiles.

Bacolod City is the capital of Negros Occidental and the home of the famous Masskara Festival. The city has earned such sobriquet because of its locals’ general disposition and innate hospitality. Moreover, Bacolod is named The City of Smiles because it was once known for its vast sugar industry and it is now popular for satisfying everyone’s sweet tooth.

Visitors, from all over the country and from other nations, flock to Bacolod City for excellent food, beautiful tropical beaches, historical sites, and most importantly, the warm atmosphere twined by the locals’ warm welcome and hospitality.

Smile at the Good Bacolod Food

Restaurants around Bacolod offer exceptionally good food at unbelievably affordable prices. Wherever you go in Bacolod, you will surely find a hut or a turo-turo that serves excellent chows – from cakes and pastries to the famous Chicken Inasal. And Bacolod restaurants and wedding caterers understand what novel and one-of-a-kind cuisines are, yet they never compromise the mouth-watering flavor and taste of the food they serve. So what else can you ask for to have the perfect wedding reception after that dream wedding of yours?

Smile at the Splendor of Bacolod Beaches and Resorts

Bacolod is an attractive place to stay in and a romantic place to hold a wedding, not just because of the City’s natural beauty but also because of its proximity to the tropical beaches of Negros. Relax with your family and friends and enjoy and explore the clear waters of Bacolod beaches before and even after you walk down the altar. With the beaches and resorts around the city, like Nature's Village Resort, realizing your dream Bacolod beach wedding has never been easy.


Bacolod hotel wedding receptions (from left) Bacolod Business Inn, and Bacolod beach wedding reception, Nature's Village Resort

Smile at Bacolod’s History and Culture

Besides Masskara Festival, Bacolod is also known for its historical sites that reflect and serve as mementos of the kind of life the locals had during and after the Spanish colonization. If you want a touch of history and tradition for your wedding, Bacolod’s San Sebastian Cathedral and other historical attractions might just be the ideal Bacolod wedding ceremony venue for you and your loved one.

Smile at Bacolod’s Warmth

The tropical ambience of the city is one thing but Bacolod’s friendly and vibrant people is another. The innate friendly disposition of its locals makes Bacolod worthy of another title, The Land of Sweet People. With the warm welcome Bacoleños provide, you will surely have a big smile in your heart. And with the friendly accommodations and excellent services, together with the world-class facilities and amenities, Bacolod hotels like Bacolod Business Inn offer, you will definitely wear a satisfied and blissful smile before, during, and after your wedding.

 Ysabelles Bridals 

Wedding Gowns by Ysabelle's Bridals

 Trims and Treasures

Wedding set-ups by Bacolod Wedding Florist and Stylist Trims & Treasures

Furthermore, to better serve couples, locals who serve Bacolod's wedding industry has gone as far as professionalizing their ranks. Recently, Bacolod wedding gown designer like Ysabelle's Bridals, wedding florists & event stylists like Trims & Treasures , wedding photographers and videographers in Bacolod like Ysabelle's Digital Photography and Videography Services, assembled to unify and promote Negros Occidental's wedding industry. Such move from the Bacoleños that is aimed to deliver nothing but the best wedding products and services to their clients is another reason for couples to smile.

 Ysabelles Digital

Wedding photos by Bacolod Wedidng Photographers
Ysabelle's Digital Photography and Videography Services

With these, who would not smile in The City of Smiles especially on the day when their hearts will be officially entwined?

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