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Record-Breaking Wedding In Baguio
by Rhea T. Ocampo
5 May 2011

Wedding Rings by Orly's Jewelry Shop
Wedding Rings
by Orly's Jewelry Shop

The City of Pines has always been one of the top tourist destinations here in the Philippines. Both local and foreign travelers flock to the cool city of Baguio to get away from the tropical heat. The city’s temperature ranges from 15 to 26 degrees Celsius and it is almost always 8 degrees Celsius lower than the temperature in any other place in the entire country. Baguio is the coolest place during the hot summer days in the Philippines – making it truly the “The Summer Capital of the Philippines.” Aside from this cool fact, Baguio also boasts of its rich cultural heritage and attractive tourist spots, which make the city a great wedding destination and a perfect honeymoon getaway.

Baguio: A Perfect Destination Wedding
The cool weather, lush gardens, amazing flowers, and fresh produce Baguio has are good enough reasons for soon-to-wed couples to pick the Summer Capital of the Philippines as their wedding destination.

Gil Oribello Photography Dlens Studio
Wedding Photos by Gil Oribello Photography (left)
and D'Lens Studio (right)

Visiting Baguio for the couple’s wedding guests and families will also not be a bore. The city offers a lot of things to do and places to visit. Couples, together with their families and wedding guests, can enjoy the beautiful Baguio outdoors through the festivals and other celebrations that showcase the cultural heritage of the city, one of which is the famous Panagbenga Festival, Baguio City’s Flower Festival. Other celebrations include Baguio’s Foundation Day, Baguio Arts Festival, Silahis ng Pasko, and many more. Aside from these festivities, soon-to-wed couples can also take pleasure in the attractive Baguio tourist spots like the strawberry fields, Camp John Hay, Burnham Park, Mines View Park, the Baguio Cathedral, and the Lourdes Grotto, to name a few. These and activities like horseback riding, golfing, and sightseeing, among others, surely won’t let couples down. The stunningly beautiful and captivating scenery of the city brings couples delight and is perfect for a romantic and intimate dream wedding.

Baguio: The Home of Record-breakers
Aside from the enchantment and intimacy Baguio brings, the city also offers record-breaking add-ons to every couple’s dream wedding.

Apple Blossom Bakeshop Spices and Seasonings Catering Services
Wedding Cake by Appple Blossom Bakeshop (left) and
Wedding Set-up by Spices & Seasonings Catering Services

The City of Pines, which was bruited to be the place where the wedding of Robin Padilla and Mariel took place, set the record in 2004 for its presentation of the “Longest Raisin Bread”. In 2005, the city showcased the carved “Ice Castles”. In 2006, the “Longest Baguio Original Longganisa” was paraded and the “Largest Wedding Cake” was baked in 2007. Baguio City set a record yet again last 2009 for “Baguio’s Largest Pizza” and just last year for the “Largest Pasta Bowl”.

So, if you want your wedding to also set a record, worry not because the City boasts of Baguio wedding suppliers that can make your record-breaking dream wedding a reality. If you do not want the hassle of planning your out-of-town wedding in Baguio, I Do in Baguio and other Baguio wedding planners can do the wedding planning for you.

Did You Know ...
...that Baguio City holds the record for the largest and biggest wedding cake baked in the Philippines?

The wedding cake was one of the highlights of the 2007 Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio (HRAB) tourism festival. It is a 16-foot, four-layer chocolate wedding cake that can feed about 15,000 people. It was served after the festival's mass wedding to the 56 couples who participated in the ceremony and their respective wedding guests.

For a record-breaking beauty during your big day, local bridal hair and makeup artists like Randy Danao and Joey Yumana can be there for you. Apple Blossom Bakeshop, a popular Baguio wedding cake shop, can take care of your record-breaking wedding cake and and Spices and Seasonings Catering Services can help you turn Baguio’s freshest produce into a delectable wedding feast. Don’t have a wedding ring yet? Baguio is also infamous for silvers and accessories and Baguio wedding jewelry shop like Orly’s Jewelry Shop can surely customize one for you. And of course, capture every single moment of your dream Baguio wedding with Gil Oribello [of Photoguapo] and D’Lens Studio, some of Baguio’s leading wedding photographers.

What else can you ask for? Baguio City is truly all set to give you your record-breaking dream wedding. Thus, you can never say “No” to a Baguio wedding.

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