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Say 'I Do' to a Baguio Wedding
By Jonathan Dionisio
22 Ocotber 2010

Even before the concept of destination wedding came to mind, many Filipino soon-to-wed couples have been fascinated with the idea of having their Philippine wedding at the Summer Capital of the Philippines – Baguio City. More than just a tourist destination, Baguio City has everything that a soon-to-wed couple dreams for their wedding.

Welcome to the Pines City
Baguio City is approximately 250 kilometers north of Manila, situated in the Province of Benguet. The most common way to get to the Pines City is travelling by land for six to eight hours via the North Luzon Expressway going through Marcos Highway and finally, Kennon Road.

Baguio is 8 degrees cooler on the average than any place in lowlands. When Manila sweats at 35 degrees centigrade or above, Baguio seldom exceeds 26 degrees centigrade at its warmest. Baguio is very wet during the Philippine rainy season, which is from June to October. It gets the biggest amount of rainfall in the country, twice the volume of rainfall in the country as compared to Manila. However from November to May, Baguio becomes a tropical paradise, a refreshing break from the hot and humid Philippine climate. Christmas season is when Baguio glows with the nippy winter air. In the summer month of March, April, May, Baguio lives up to its title as the “”Summer Capital of the Philippines when thousands of visitors from the lowlands and Manila take their annual exodus to the city to cool off.

This 100-year old city is famous for its destinations such as Burham Park, Wright Park, Botanical Garden, Mines View Park, Camp John Hay, Ifugao Woodcarvers Village, Lourdes Grotto, Baguio Cathedral and more.

Baguio Church Wedding Venues
Much like any other place here in the Philippines, Baguio City has numerous Philippine church wedding venues for Catholic soon-to-wed couples. The most famous of which is the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral or simply, Baguio Cathedral.

Located at Mount Mary at the Cathedral Loop, adjacent to Session Road, in Baguio City, this rose-colored cathedral is one of the most photographed landmarks in city and the seat of the Diocese of Baguio. The cathedral is famous for its beautiful structure - its distinct pink facade with a rose window and twin spires, serving as bell towers. The cathedral is accessible to pedestrians from Session Road through a 100-step stone staircase, or through the adjacent campus of Saint Louis University. The Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral is the biggest Catholic Church in Baguio and is the center of religious activities in the city, like weddings. However, the Cathedral only hold weddings here every 3:00pm.

Aside from the Baguio Cathedral, there are other Philippine church wedding venues here such as Immaculate Conception Church in Aurora Hill, Holy Family Church in Bakakeng, St. John Bosco in Lucban, and St. Joseph in Pacdal. Couples may also check the St. Louis University Parish inside St. Louis University or the St. Ignatius Chapel located at the Philippine Military Academy grounds.

Baguio Wedding Reception Venues
Most Baguio wedding receptions are held in hotels found throughout Baguio City. These Baguio hotel wedding venues also offer complete wedding packages, similar to Manila hotel wedding venues. What’s good about holding a wedding reception in a hotel is that it’s weather-proof and their wedding packages comes with a lot of free items; some even give big discounts for honeymoon packages. As for Baguio garden wedding venues, the most common venue is Camp John Hay and Baguio Country Club. They also have wedding packages for 100 guests and up.

Planning a Baguio wedding is no different in planning a destination wedding somewhere else. You should always be aware of logistics concerns, manage your time well, hire Baguio wedding suppliers, whenever possible to avoid out of town rate charges, and most importantly, enjoy planning your special day. Happy planning!

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