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The Beauty Of Davao Weddings

By: Rhea T. Ocampo | July 2016

Today, most of the provinces in the Philippines boast of their own vibrant wedding industry and their complete roster of wedding suppliers. One of the famous wedding destinations among soon-to-wed couples is the charming province of Davao.

Both local and foreign tourists flock to Davao for the province offers many attractions like no other place in the entire Philippines. Whether you are looking for a wedding venue to commune with nature or a place that exudes class and sophistication, Davao will definitely have something for you. Moreover, in Davao, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. This rich Mindanao province is safe and is endowed with exuberant natural resources – providing you with everything you need for your wedding.

“I Do” to Davao’s Beauty
Davao is touted as a metropolis with rural charm. This is because despite the urban development in the entire province, Davao managed to maintain the beauty of its natural wonders. The province offers soon-to-wed couples, together with their families and guests, with variety of unique destinations to visit and take pleasure in. The picturesque Mount Apo, for instance, provides a perfect wedding backdrop. Wedding guests can delight in climbing the Philippines’ tallest mountain, playing in the rivers of Maribel Baruring and Sibulan, picture taking around the scenic geysers and gorgeous waterfalls, and many other activities.

Furthermore, to-be-married couples and their guests can also relish the man-made attractions all over Davao, such as the Philippine Eagle Center – the habitat of the country’s magnificent national bird. They can also walk around and experience the rich culture and history of the province with the meaningful and extensive displays in the museums; the intricate and antique designs of Davao churches and shrines; and the amazing features of other historical and cultural spots of Davao.

Truly, the selection of incredible and splendid natural, cultural, and historical sites in Davao makes it an exceptional garden wedding or church wedding venue.

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“I Do” to Davao’s Waves
As part of its natural endowments, the province’s pristine white-sand beachfronts make a Davao wedding outstandingly romantic and fervent. Being surrounded by a coastline along the Davao Gulf area, Davao is blessed with exquisite beaches, superb diving spots, and crystal blue waters rich with marine life; the finest of which can be found around the islands of Samal and Talicud. Samal beaches mostly have gentle sea waves and breezes that could definitely soothe and refresh every couple and their guests.

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“I Do” to Davao’s Freshness
Worried about the food for the wedding reception? Fret not for there is no other place in the country that offers excellent food at low prices. And with Davao’s high-quality fresh produce, your guests are bound to have a wedding feast.

Davao is one of the best agricultural producers in the country. With its rich soil and favorable climate, Davao offers bountiful and luscious tropical fruits like durian, banana, mango, pomelo, and other fruits, and vegetables. Aside from these, Davao also provides a selection of delectable seafood cuisines like grilled tuna, sizzling marlin, kinilaw na malasugu, and many more. Indeed, Davao is set to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

“I Do” to Davao’s Finest
Davao is a hassle-free and one-stop wedding destination. Aside from the fantastic wedding venues and mouth-watering fresh produce, Davao also provides the finest wedding suppliers in the region.

To save yourself from the trouble of coordinating your dream Davao wedding, you can employ the services of experienced Dabawnon wedding planner like Pinktouche Events. For timeless photographs, Imagine Fotofun is the best on the region. When it comes to wedding gown and entourage outfits, David & Rachel Bridal Boutique, will not let you down with their wedding designs available at very affordable prices. And for your wedding souvenirs and invitations, the consummate artists and craftsmen behind Crafter’s Haven will give you nothing but the best.

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Aside from the fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood, Davao also provides the freshest and prettiest flowers, just like the rare Waling-waling, directly from the orchid and flower farms within the province. With the skilled hands of wedding stylist like Pinktouche Events, you need not worry about decorating and styling your wedding venue. Need a wedding cake to match your wedding theme? Davao wedding cake shop like Goldilocks offers everything from simple to multi-layered wedding cakes in sugar icing or fondant.

And for capturing the best moments of your magical day, you can never go wrong with Davaowedding photographers like Imagine Fotofun.

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Now, with the province’s effervescent wedding industry, doesn’t a Davao wedding sound perfect?

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