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Strike a Pose Before I Do'

By Jonathan Dionisio | May 2011

For those very special Filipino weddings, quality should always be over quantity. And so, more than materials to be used for guest books and audio-visual presentations (AVP) during the wedding reception, the prenuptial photo shoot has become one of the most anticipated parts of any couple’s Philippine wedding planning. Throughout the day, the bride and groom pose their hearts out as the camera captures every romantic and fun-filled moment of their day. Having a reliable Filipino wedding photographer helps in making this day productive and worthwhile. As the experts, photographers must be able to assist soon-to-wed couples in organizing their prenuptial shoot and of course, produce quality output.

B.A. Studio, an established Philippine wedding photography and videography service provider owned by Mr. Bobby and Mrs. Helen So, has done numerous prenuptial and wedding day shoots for the past 20 years. Ms. Nelia Condeno, branch manager of B.A. Studio, shares that a prenuptial photo shoot also gives the couple the chance to get to know and be comfortable with their assigned photographers. On the photographers’ side, it is a way for them to study the good angles of the bride and groom and build rapport with the clients. After all, the same photographers would most likely be the ones assigned for the wedding. It is therefore a good way for the bride and groom to be more comfortable and relaxed while the photographers capture the significant moments on that precious day.

But having a prenuptial shoot is not as simple as going to a chosen spot and taking pictures. Couples need to know and consider certain things before they finally get to the shoot.

Hold That Pose

Couples should first decide between an outdoor or an indoor photo shoot, or perhaps both. Each type has its advantage and disadvantage. For an outdoor shoot, weather could be quite a challenge. However, with proper scheduling and timing, shoots done in places like the La Mesa Eco Park, Baywalk, Intramuros or Vigan Heritage Village are bound to be memorable. Meanwhile, finding a good schedule for an indoor shoot may be quite difficult as well. Couples must come early or on time if pictorial is at a rented venue as the management often only allows a certain length of time. There could other couples scheduled to use the venue afterwards.

Ms. Condeno explains that for any Philippine wedding photography session, couples must know what are required of them and should therefore coordinate with the studio or their photographers. First of the requirements – and it is often most important – is the venue permit. Some venues require couples to secure a permit and at times, pay a fee. Other venues such as public parks ask only for the entrance fee. As an industry veteran, B.A. Studio has done shoots in some of the most famous locations in the Metro and in the provinces, enabling them to suggest on how to secure permits should a couple already has a venue in mind. They may also already know the scenic locations in the area which should save the couple time, effort and even money instead of doing an ocular inspection or searching for good spots on the day of the shoot itself.

Attire is also important. Couples to bring at least three (3) casual wear and one (1) formal attire, their choices, for a good mix of formal and candid shots. Ms. Condeno also advises brides to do their trial makeup on the same day of the shoot to conveniently save from hiring a hair and makeup artist just for the occasion. This should also give them an idea on how the subjects will register on camera.

As a part of their photo and video package, B.A. Studio does not have additional charge for shoots done in Metro Manila. If the couple decides to have theirs outside Manila, they need only provide a meal and transportation for the photographer to go with them to the venue.

Indoor and Outdoor Venue in One

For budgeted, busy, and creative couples, B.A. Studio has a studio annex in Quezon City where prenuptial shots may be taken. The annex studio is an 8-storey European-design building with a full-scale studio, 18th century Greek wall antique design, an intricate winding stairway, Rialto Bridge, Muebles Italiano Falls [do we need to mention them? Free advertisement…], exquisite French-style canopy, and man-made cave. With such features, the studio annex allows the couple to have both an indoor and outdoor shoot. To match the distinctive look of the place, they provide couples with European outfits to use. Couples who avail of their package can opt to have their shoot there for the whole day at no extra charge.

A couple’s experience with a Filipino wedding photographer during their prenuptial shoot reflects the service they are sure to given on the day of the wedding. With quality at the top of their list, the trained photographers of B.A. Studio always make sure to bring out the best in every couple, a most-fitting gift on the most special day of their lives.

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