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Wedding Photo Tips from D'Varcadas Digital Photo and Video Coverage

By Mina Deocareza | May 2015

Photos are important in every wedding. After everything has been said and done, these images remain to be among the most powerful souvenirs. They are the ones you would love to see over and over to reminisce one of the most important moments in your life.

No wonder, couples really invest in quality photos and videos. They hire experienced and talented wedding photographers like D’Varcadas Digital Photo and Video Coverage to make sure the most special moments on the wedding day are captured and immortalized in photographs.

But of course, apart from hiring excellent photographers, there are also other things you need to do to ensure the quality of your wedding photos. They are, according to D’Varcadas Digital Photo and Video Coverage, the following:

1. Be conscious about your makeup

There are some things the camera cannot really hide. If your makeup does not look too good on-cam, you may get into trouble. You may just end up getting frustrated once you see how awkward you look on your wedding photos. To avoid such a mishap, talk to your makeup artist and ask her to make your bridal look suitable for picture-taking as well.

2. Pay attention to proper event lighting.

Light is important in photography. No matter how great your photographer is, if there is not enough light in the venue, things will still be difficult. While photographers have their own equipment, it is still best to go for proper event lighting. Apart from setting the mood right for the party, it also allows you to look better in photographs.

3. Talk to your photographer

Are there particular scenes or people that you want to be photographed? While wedding photographers are masters in the sense that they know the right shots to take, it is still best to communicate with them about your special instructions. Do you want someone to take a photo of your aunt who has come all the way from another country? Why not? Just let them know!

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