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Mara M. Dizon: Celebrating the Diversity of Pinay Beauty through Wedding Dresses

By Mina Deocareza | October 2016

Women are all beautiful, regardless of how they look or what size or shape their bodies come in. Instead of discriminating against certain looks or body types, we should celebrate diversity in many ways.

Mara M. Dizon knows this so well, so she uses her talents and skills in creating wedding dresses that celebrate the diversity of Pinay beauty. Aware that beauty comes in varied sizes and shapes, she comes up with designs that can highlight Filipinas’ different assets.

A wide array of designs

Surely, Mara M. Dizon’s collections don’t just cater to a certain type of brides. In fact, when you visit her shop, you will realize that she has a wide array of designs and that there is something for everyone in here. After all, every woman deserves a perfect wedding dress.

Wedding dresses for wedding types

Another thing Mara M. Dizon is aware of is how different weddings can be from one another. Considering this idea, she makes sure that her collections don’t just focus on certain wedding types. Whether you are having a beach wedding in Boracay or are getting married in a Catholic cathedral the old school way, expect that there is a perfect wedding dress for you in her shop.

Varying price ranges

Budget is another important consideration for Mara M. Dizon. She understands that not all couples can spend a lot on a wedding dress, so she also tries to make dresses under different price ranges. But of course, she does this without sacrificing quality.

Learn more about Mara M. Dizon by visiting her profile now.

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