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Mara M. Dizon: Making Brides Stand Out in Perfect Wedding Dresses

By Mina Deocareza | April 2016

As a bride, you deserve to look your best on your wedding day. Apart from hiring a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, it is also ideal that you choose a wedding dress by a reputable designer and maker like Mara M. Dizon.

A Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP) graduate, she can help you find the perfect wedding dress in which you will stand out.

Ideal for your body type

Among the most important things that should be taken into consideration when choosing a wedding dress is your body type. On it will depend the cut or the type of dresses you can wear. Yes, choosing any dress without considering the type of body you have can lead to a major disaster as there is a huge possibility that you will look awkward in it or that you won’t feel comfortable when wearing it. Good thing, Mara M. Dizon knows the wedding dress styles and cuts that are perfect for each body type.

Suits your venue and theme

Yes, your venue and peg also matter. Otherwise, you will look out-of-place on your wedding day. Even the fabric and the details on your dress shall go well with your chosen peg and venue. Mara M. Dizon knows this, so she takes these factors into consideration all the time. This allows her to come up with wedding dresses that complement with her clients’ choice of location and theme.

Reflects your personality

Of course, your personality and personal preferences should never be forgotten. It’s your wedding dress, after all. It should perfectly encapsulate how you are as a person without forgetting about all the other necessary factors mentioned above. No wonder, Mara M. Dizon brides always end up happy because they are able to achieve their dream wedding dresses—dresses that truly show who they are and that highlights their bodies and chosen pegs.

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