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15 Countries, 4 Continents and A Lifetime to Conquer the Rest

By Danielle Sebastian | August 2012

Nice Print Photography has become a trusted brand for wedding photography and videography. Their growing number of celebrity clientele earned them the title Photographer & Videographer of the Stars. But Nice Print Photography is more than the celebrities it covers. It is also gaining popularity and a steady following in the international wedding photography scene.

Charisse Tinio, owner of Nice Print Photography and Exige Weddings, attributes their success in international wedding photography to customer service, credibility and versatility. Inquiries, reservations and feedback are swiftly replied to in email, Facebook or landline. As early as their initial contact, Nice Print Photography is able to build trust with clients abroad.

Nice Print provides wedding photography and videography services to fellow Filipinos and all soon-to-wed couples anywhere in the world. So far they've been to 15 countries and 4 continents around the world and they can't wait to conquer the rest.

Top 5 International Destinations

Charisse Tinio of Nice Print Photography is especially thankful to be able to travel, work and do what she loves at the same time. She shares with us her chosen Top 5 most unforgettable International Destinations:


Versailles or the Palace of Versailles is famous for its magnificent structures and its historical significance as the home of French monarchy from 1682 towards the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789.

Nice Print: Imagine taking photos in a place where King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette reigned. Today, Versailles is now a suburb in Paris whose architecture and environment can make any photograph a perfect one.


Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii. Known as the Hawaii's Valley Isle, Maui boasts of heavenly beaches, fascinating arts and culture, and relaxing environment.

Nice Print: Any wedding photographer's bucket list would include a wedding shoot in Hawaii. Sunset weddings are picture perfect especially with the beach, the ocean and the cliffs as the background. The place is certainly perfect for a dreamy beach wedding.


New York is world famous for having the busiest vacation cruise ports. Consequently, Cruise Weddings are becoming a popular trend as well.

Nice Print: Travelling to New York for a Cruise Wedding has definitely made me and the team say "I love my job." Imagine cruising under the Brooklyn Bridge and experiencing the remarkable sights and sounds of New York.


The Hatley Castle is located in the Hatley Park National Historic Site in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. Weddings can be held either inside the exquisite castle or in the Hatley Estate's garden. The beautiful place provides endless backdrops for perfect photographs.

Nice Print: The wedding shoot in Hatley Castle was the first international destination wedding covered by Nice print. The team had to ride a ferry to get to the venue and not a lot of people were allowed inside. It was an honour to be there to cover the wedding.


The Milan Cathedral in Italy, also known as Duomo di Milano, is famous for being one of the oldest Christian buildings in Europe. It took nearly six centuries to complete the fourth largest Cathedral in the world.

Nice Print:&The pre-nuptial e-session in Milan was memorable because of the allure of the capital's architecture and character. We created an EAT, PRAY, LOVE scene. Pretty! We also saw a lot of our fellow Filipinos at the plaza and it was overwhelming to be surrounded by people who are rooting for your success. We felt the Filipino spirit from as far away as Milan.

If you're interested in booking Nice Print for your international pre-nuptial/wedding photography, reservations for international prenuptials/weddings should be 6-12 months before desired date. This gives them ample time to block of their schedules and file for necessary paperwork like visa applications. Just email, call or send them a message through Facebook for inquiries and/or reservations. Their upcoming international destinations are in Tokyo, Japan and St Lucia, Caribbean Island.

Trust Nice Print Photography to deliver the best in both local and international prenuptial shoots and weddings. Book with them today and get world-class wedding photography.

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