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Themed Weddings and Nice Print Photography: How to Pull It Off

By Christian Alomodi | July 2014

People who follow the local wedding circuit may have caught wind of a grand yet eccentric wedding that only a person the likes of Tessa Prieto-Valdes can pull off: a Game of Thrones themed wedding. A wedding set in Westeros usually means terrible news, but Prieto-Valdes' marriage to her beau brought nothing but happiness and fuzzy feelings with a bit of fanatic joy to the guests who attended their wedding.

A wedding as extravagant and vibrant as the Valdes' GoT-themed one will surely help a photography team as experienced as Nice Print Photography come up with colorful, well-composed photographs. Couples who want to get similar lively photos in their wedding should consider going with a themed wedding as well.

Here are some pointers that will help couples obtain the great theme that will have wedding photographers happily snapping away.

The Perfect Theme
Couples should not force a Westeros-styled reception if they're not fans of the show; they should instead choose something the two of them are interested about. If the two are chess fans, then having large chess pieces as centerpieces are fantastic. The couple's favorite TV show can also become a good theme that will showcase the uniqueness of the couple.

The Color Palette
If the theme has been set, it's important to prioritize the color palette of the entire wedding. The shades that will be chosen will have an effect on the overall aura of the wedding. Choosing the right colors will help Nice Print take some mesmerizing shots.

All in the Details
There is more to making a wedding theme work than simply putting the color palette together. Putting in all the little pieces will make or break the overall appeal of the wedding work. The Prieto-Valdes GoT nuptials worked because of the details, with the swords, the market place, and the all-important Iron Throne. Adding all the details will help make the photographs that will be taken by a photography team like Nice Print look terrific.

These are some of the tips that can help couples get grandiose pictures from their wedding day. Meanwhile, couples interested in acquiring Nice Print Photography's services for their own wedding day should check their profile.

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