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Piña In Modern Filipino Weddings
June 2012

beach-themed pina fabric by Pinaflor Pina fabric wedding souvenirs 
A piña fabric with a beach-themed handpainting (left) and a
handwoven fabric good for beach wedding souvenirs (right).

No fabric is probably more uniquely Filipino than piña. It is a testament to our colorful history and is one of the finest products of Filipino craftsmanship. Painstakingly handwoven from the pineapple fiber, the piña fabric is identified with traditional formals and is the deluxe choice for Filipiniana wedding gowns and barongs. In this age of themed weddings and modern celebrations, however, can the piña fabric still be relevant?

Piñaflor, a Lumban-based wedding shop specializing in piña fabrics and embroidery, tells us how.

Piña and Beach Weddings
With the Philippines dotted with beautiful islands and beaches, both locals and foreigners alike cannot resist saying their I Do’s with the ocean and sunset as their wedding backdrop. As what Ms. Mae Anonuevo, manager of Piñaflor, shares, “what could be a more perfect match to a beach wedding celebration than a fabric originating from a tropical fruit?”

Groom's attire with garden themed handpainting pina fabric wedding attire
Groom's Attire made of piña fabric with garden-themed
handpainting (left) and bride's attire in piña fabric
with a garden-themed embroidery.

The piña fabric, which can be used as wedding attire or wedding theme accents, can hold gracefully against strong ocean breeze with its firm material. It is also cool and lightweight enough for warm, outdoor celebrations. More importantly, its  glossy quality lends elegance, making a bride’s wedding gown looks chic even in a informal, beach wedding party.

Piña and Garden Weddings
Another popular wedding theme nowadays is garden wedding celebrations. And why not, as we have picturesque garden wedding venues in the areas of Antipolo, Tagaytay, Baguio and even in the midst of metropolitan Manila.

Ms. Anonuevo says that contrary to what most brides might think, piña fabric is not just limited to its usual off-white or ivory color. Piñaflor can dye the fabric with different colors to make it look modern and exciting.  Or they can put a modern twist on the timeless piña fabric by handpainting it with either pastel or bright hues, whichever complements the garden wedding theme.  More than adding colors, this art of handpainting an already handwoven fabric makes any bridal gown not just high-end couture but a true art form.

vintage-themed wedding dress barong tagalog made of pina fabric
Wedding veil (left) and barong tagalog (right) made of
piña fabric perfect for vintage-themed weddings.

Piña and Vintage-themed Weddings
What better way to put the old-world feel in weddings than to use our very own piña fabric, the history of which dates all the way back to the 16th century? Handwoven piña fabric then, was described as "one of the most beautiful fabrics of Manila only used in the dress of the wealthy, being too costly for common use".

More than its history, this fabric acquires a patina or finish that adds to its vintage character. Furthermore, Piñaflor’s skilled and creative workers can make this fabric even more luxurious through their handmade intricate embroidery, thus making a bridal gown an heirloom piece on its own.

Piña and Eco-Chic Weddings
With the growing concern for Mother Earth, environmentally friendly materials have also found their way into weddings. And plant-based fiber fabric, such as piña, is gaining renown among green adovacates.

pina fiber fabric by Pinaflor
A piña fiber fabric by Piñaflor.

From manually harvesting pineapple leaves to extracting fiber with the use of coconut shells or broken ceramics, from being painstakingly handloomed by skilled weavers and intricately embroidered by artisan bordaderas, Ms. Anonuevo explained that the entire process are by hands and pose no harm to the environment. Aside from not depending on machines, she also explained that the fabric’s soft, glossy natural features  can do away with ecologically harmful finishing chemicals.

More than supporting the environment, Ms. Anonuevo shared that Piñaflor strives to protect the tradition, the craftsmanship, the livelihood that helped shaped the industry of Lumban, Laguna.

Globally, there is a growing trend in supporting and patronizing indigenous materials  like piña. They are special and unique - like weddings which are once-in-a-lifetime occasions for most Filipinos. The versatility of the fabric proves that it can fit any wedding theme or motif. What’s more, there are bridal shops like Piñaflor who will try their best to bring the quality of pina even within a stringent wedding budget.

To see  and learn more of the wonderful uses of piña fabric in wedding celebrations, visit Piñaflor showroom in Lumban, Laguna or check out their fascinating works online.

Did You Know?
One of the country’s premiere designers, Lulu Tan-Gan, is now putting piña at the forefront of her collections.

Another internationally-recognized fashion designer, Oliver Tolentino, incorporated piña in his creations shown in the popular TV show, America’s Next Top Model.

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