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Why You Should Enjoy the V-Gem Advantage

By Mina Deocareza | January 2015

Your wedding rings should be as beautiful as your dreams together, and at the same time strong like your commitment to each other. This is why if you haven't decided on where to get your wedding rings yet, you better have them from V-Gem Jewelry.

Known as the leading customized jewelry maker in the country, V-Gem Jewelry takes pride in the following:

1. Custom design service

Turn your dream wedding ring into reality. At the same time, ensure they fit you and your true love perfectly.

2. Self-manufactured jewelry

V-Gem manufactures its own jewelry instead of sourcing them from elsewhere. No wonder, each piece of jewelry is a masterpiece.

3. Flexible payment terms

Who said great wedding rings should hurt your budget? V-Gem understands you are a practical person, so it gives you the consideration you need through its flexible payment terms.

4. All products come with guarantee

Every piece of jewelry comes with a promise of quality and beauty. Even the materials are of high quality to ensure the rings are going to last a lifetime.

5. Rigorous quality control

Sure, failure is never an option. Every product should be flawless. That's simply how V-Gem values your trust and satisfaction.

6. One price, any design

Here, you can choose from a wide array of designs without going crazy because of the price.

7. 'Do it now!' feature

V-Gem is transparent. It also manufactures products when you want them, so your jewelry is priced according to the current price of materials used to create them.

8. After-sales service

Tired of working with suppliers who just disappear after you've purchased something from them? V-Gem is different. It remains after sales and even gives you all the services you need, including cleaning and adjustments.

9. Gold exchange feature

Short on cash? Why don't you use your old gold jewelry to get your dream wedding ring? Your old possession will be evaluated according to its current market value. Then, its price will be deducted from the final price of your wedding rings.

10. Low prices guaranteed

Working on a tight budget? Why not? Approach V-Gem and relax, for it can adjust prices of its products according to your budget. It also gives sound recommendations, depending on how much you can spend.

11. Satisfaction guaranteed

Aren't you happy about what your wedding ring looks like? V-Gem is willing to change or replace it to meet your preferences and standards.

12. Money-back feature

If you are not satisfied about its product, you may opt for either a replacement or refund. That's just that easy!

To know more of V-Gem Jewelry's awesomeness, visit its profile.

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