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By Diane Dominique Ting | January 2014

El Roi sees your past misery, your present pain, your uncertain future. He is so watchful that he knows when the smallest sparrow perishes. And He is the God who sees and cares for you today. – Matt. 10:29-31

It is no surprise that brides are allowed to spend tens of thousands of pesos for their wedding gowns. Wedding gown designers are plentiful as girls get to choose from a long list of styles and trends. Brides are also the ones who get pampered the most during their wedding day. Grooms, sadly, may not get the same amount of attention they rightfully deserve.

Fortunately, Ms. Lynette Villanueva of El Roi sympathizes with most grooms out there which is why she found the need to give grooms more attention. The result? A brand for men and men alone. "I already have Ysabelle's Bridal which did sound like it was exclusive for women. This then gave me the reason to create another brand for men."

The idea was to make grooms feel that his attire is just as important as the bride's gown. To be able to do that, Lynette brought together a team to bring out to best in every groom. "We offer different kinds of designs which are ready to wear. Most of them are even imported from other countries." Lynette shares that grooms will surely love their wide line of products giving them more options to consider. From traditional barongs to sharply designed modern suits, the menswear line of Ysabelle's Bridal does not fail to impress. Not to mention the quite affordable price tag that won't force brides to flip out anytime soon.

El Roi has been in the market for more than two years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Lynette is planning to offer newer and better designs for men to choose from given the evolving fashion trends. Ysabelle's Bridals is considered one of Bacolod's premier wedding suppliers being in the industry for more than 15 years. "Hopefully, the El Roi brand will be just as successful as it strives to be considered as an authority when it comes to men's fashion in the Philippines one day."

Although brides are naturally more particular with their attire on their wedding day, grooms do care just as much on how they look. While hair, make-up, accessories and a bouquet make up the perfect bride, all a groom needs is a sharp suit. After all, a beautiful bride deserves a dashing groom - hopefully one in an equally dashing suit.

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