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A Practical Guide to Amazing Group Shots

By Mina Deocareza | October 2016

Group shots matter especially during wedding celebrations. Group shots may include your family, friends, or both. They may feature your wedding suppliers, too. Actually, the possibilities are endless. What matters is that each shot looks awesome and that everyone enjoys it. This way, you can look at the photos with a smile on your face in the near future.

Now, consider the following tips on how to have amazing group shots:

  1. Hire a group of friendly and fun-loving professional photographers.
    Your choice of photographer matter. When choosing a team of photographers or a studio, consider not only the skills and track record but also the attitude. Keep in mind that it's hard to work with killjoys. To have really amazing wedding photos, especially group shots, you need a team of photographers that are fun to work with.

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  2. Give every guest a warning.
    Be honest. Do not surprise your guests on the wedding day itself because the camera-shy ones may suddenly get nervous. Tell everyone that he or she needs to prepare for awesome group shots. Tell your guests to relax, too, since it's just for the spirit of fun.

  3. Be crazy. Start the fun.
    Before the photographer presses the shutter, make sure that you start the craze. Bring your energy a notch higher and get everyone else involved. Shout, “Say cheese!” You can also encourage everyone to strike a pose. Go for wacky shots, too. These should help everyone to loosen up and just enjoy.

Excited for extraordinary group shots on your wedding day? Start getting in touch with skilled and fun-loving photographers today. Visit their profiles to learn more about them.

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