Wedding Tips

Christmas Engagement

By: Inez Donmoyer | October 29, 2004

For my Christmas 2003 my fiance planned a special gift for me. The following is what he did, in his words, then mine.

As described by my fiance, David Kapper:
I actually had the engagement planned for a few months. I knew Inez wanted to see a Broadway Show for a long time. I purchased tickets for "Phantom of the Opera" for Christmas Night in New York. That was my Christmas gift to her and I gave her the tickets on Christmas Eve.
We drove up to New York the next morning. I had also scheduled dinner reservations at Tavern On The Green. After dinner, we took a carriage ride around Central Park, and that is where I proposed….
I asked Wilma Inez Donmoyer (the most BEAUTIFUL woman in the world) to be with me for the rest of my life. And in between Inez saying "Yes" and telling me the date she had picked out, she made me the happiest man alive! We then enjoyed the amazing "Phantom Of The Opera." The End.

My words, Inez:
I wouldn't say "The End" but rather "A New Beginning"....
He left out a lot of details! For example, I interrupted him approx. 3 times (I didn't know he was trying to propose) and after the 3rd time, he finally told me, "Will you be QUIET & let me finish?!"

Or about him getting down on one knee (as we were riding around Central Park), professing his undying love and asking me to be with him for "THE REST OF MY LIFE"(his words).…
Or about me retracting my "Yes", contingent upon whether, or not he had already asked my father for my hand prior to asking me.…
Or about that being the best Christmas ever! And Him making me the happiest female in the world!
What more can a girl want? He's honest, hardworking, romantic, sensitive, faithful, loyal, and truly wonderful...not to mention, he spoils me beyond imaginings!
Our wedding is set to take place on February 19, 2005.
And that is just A New Beginning.