Wedding Tips

Creative Ways to Bring Your Wedding Online

By Mina Deocareza | September 2015

We are now living in a digital world. It no longer comes as a surprise to us that lots of people take things online, especially great stories and news they want everyone to know about. Sure, same thing goes for people who are tying the knot. Instead of calling people one by one, they announce their union using the Internet, making things easier for them and for their family and friends who may be miles away.

If you are wondering how to bring your wedding online just like these couples, here are some tips you might want to consider:

1. Create an Official Facebook Event Page

Sure, you may have lovely invitations created by a reliable invitation maker. However, sending them out to some family members who are currently abroad can be challenging and costly. In the meantime, create an official Facebook event page where they can see details about your upcoming wedding. On this page, they can also confirm whether they are coming or not. If they are, they can watch for some updates directly from you as you can on the page anytime.

2. Build a Wedding Website

If you want an entire website dedicated on your wedding, well, that's also a great idea. Unlike your Facebook event page, this website can be more detailed. You can also include more elements on the pages. After the wedding, you may also upload photos to your site for everyone to see.

3. Post on Other Social Media Channels

Let family and friends know about your wedding by using other social media channels. Give them real-time updates about your preparations by using Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. You can come up with official hashtags, too, which will be very useful on the wedding day itself.

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