Wedding Tips

Suitable Wedding Theme For October

Our guest wedding planner, Ms. Vanessa Villanueva, shares some of the wedding-related concerns from subscribers.

Q: Hi Ms Vanessa! I just want to ask, what is the most suitable wedding theme for October? Thank you so much!

A: Actually, choosing a wedding theme should not solely depend on the month you plan to marry. Primarily, you should consider your personality and your groom-to-be.You may think of any significant event, place, movie, food, book, etc. during your courtship and start from there. It is best that you choose a wedding theme which reflects your love story. For example, I once handled a wedding where the bride and the groom chose a "JS Promenade" theme for their wedding. Why? Because the very first time they met was during their High School Prom which was held here at Traders Hotel. Or it can also be when you had Romeo and Juliet as your first date movie, then you can have a wedding with a Shakespearean theme.

Knowing people, they are naturally curious. They will surely wonder and ask you why you have chosen this particular theme. In this way, you can get people to talk about your love story and the relavance of your theme during the reception.

Q: My fiance and I decided on a garden wedding and it will be at about 6AM. We wanted an early ceremony and so the reception will be at breakfast. My question is: Which or what types of food should be served, can you suggest a menu that won't be so ordinary just like taking out regular breakfast food but not so expensive that I could at least let the guests have an abundance of serving?

A: For a breakfast reception, you may ask your caterer if they can incorporate any of your old family recipe ( ex. special home-made honey baked ham or chicken cordon bleu). Your guests will enjoy this personal touch. Make sure to include breakfast items that you and your groom love. Enjoying your wedding day is a priority, and it will help to make your menu personal and extraordinary.

Below are some items you may consider for your breakfast wedding menu:
COLD – Fresh fruits, assorted breakfast cereals, assorted cold cuts and/or fruit compote
HOT – Egg/omelette station, ham carving station, bacon, fried/hash potatoes, sauteed mushrooms or vegetables, garlic/plain rice
BAKERY – Doughnuts, soft rolls, raisin/french bread and/or croissant w/ butter, jam assortments
DRINKS – Fresh milk, fruit juice, hot chocolate, coffee and tea

Q: My fiance is in Canada which means that I am left here to plan everything for our February 2007 wedding. I have reserved the church, reception venue and photographer. But I am still quite overwhelmed with everything since I teach preschool full-time. I have thought of getting a wedding coordinator. What kind of coordinator should I hire (full or turnover or on the day)?

A: Upon reading your situation, I suggest that you just get a turnover package since you've already made initial arrangements with your suppliers.
When selecting a coordinator, be sure to interview several before making your final choice. Find one you feel comfortable working closely with and one who understands your wishes. Inquire about how many weddings the coordinator has worked on in the past. Find out exactly what services they offer. Ask yourself, does this person seem organized and professional? It's also a good idea to establish how much would the organizer be charging up front