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Preparing for E-Sessions

By Mina Deocareza | October 2016

E-sessions have been a huge thing these days. After all, photos taken this photoshoot are often used in wedding invites, wedding films, and even on social media pages. No wonder, couples really take them seriously. Apart from coming up with excellent ideas that would serve as the backbone of the entire shoot, they also hire professional photographers to get the job done properly.

But apart from choosing the right photographers like Smart Shot Studio, Ariel Javelosa Photography, Nice Print Photography, Vignette Photography, Santiago Alfonso Fotografia, Studio Namu, Blacktieproject, Bliss & Berries, Hang All Memories, Exposure Photo Video, Paloma Photography, Treasured Memories, Phases & Faces and NST Pictures and iLaWoD Digital Studio, what are the other things you have to do in preparation for your e-session? Read on and learn.

1. Get a facial

Sure, there is always photo editing. Yet, wouldn’t it be nicer for your face to look smoother even without editing the photos? Also, you will feel more confident about yourself when you know that your face is blemish-free, too.

2. Hire the right makeup artist

Apart from ensuring that your face looks blemish-free, you also need to hire a professional makeup artist to enhance your looks even more. She also has to know the right kind of makeup to apply on your face given your e-session’s overall theme.

3. Get a mani-pedi

You have no idea about the amount of exposure your hands are going to have on your e-session. Of course, your engagement ring has to be flaunted so be prepared. Get a mani-pedi or be ready to show everyone your dirty nails.

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