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Customized Misalette

The Missalette
by Gladys Pinky Tolete

Do not be intimidated by this "big" word - the missalette is simply the wedding program. Rita M. Neri's "Essential Wedding Workbook for the Filipina" (1998) notes that most couples now have their missalettes printed with their invitations and other wedding stationery. The missalette encourages the people present to participate in the wedding ceremony.

The missalette usually contains the names of the bridal entourage and parts of the wedding ceremony, like the liturgy, the prayers, the exchange of wedding vows, etc. You can ask the church or parish where you are getting married for a sample copy of their wedding missalette or you can access Kasal.com's new Misalette section where you can customize your missalette or choose the basic missalette with the pre-selected prayers. >> read the full wedding article

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