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Marj & Randolf: A Punta Fuego Wedding
by Maraya Bien

Most people would tell you that Baguio City was designed with falling in love in mind. The cool air, the smell of the Pine trees, the beautiful parks, the gorgeous flowers…who could resist love when you're surrounded by all these?

But that wasn't the case with Marjorie and Randolf. Theirs was not your typical boy-meets-girl-they-instantly-fall-in-love story. You see, though he was clearly taken with her, she wasn't particularly attracted to him. He, in her words, "came on too strongly" for her taste and she easily dismissed his advances. But what she didn't know was that he was a firm believer in the powers of persistence and persuasion.

He pursued her with as much charm, passion and ardor as he could muster.

Fast-forward nine years: Marj and Randolf are now interviewing caterers,ordering wedding invitations from Write Impressions, and are now fast on their way to becoming Mr. & Mrs. Randolf Nazal.

Yes, Marj did eventually utter the sweet word "yes"; and 11 years later, on the same month that they first met, the two finally exchanged vows.

When they were planning their wedding, Marj and Rand both decided that their wedding should be both a reflection and a celebration of their relationship. It should be intimate, fun, romantic and magical. With these in mind, the two set off to find the venue that would make their wedding all they wanted it to be.

Been There, Done That

Having just held her wedding last December 22, 2005, the memories of what she had to go through to ensure that her wedding went as planned is still fresh in Marj's mind. Here's a list of tips she's offered to help couples that want their very own out-of-town wedding:

• Because you're holding an out-of-town wedding, consider the transportation of your guests.
• There should be constant communication with your suppliers. This makes planning easier.
• Instruct everybody involved what they should be doing before, during and after the wedding.
• It helps if you have a coordinator for the wedding day. Try to tell the coordinator your fears (possible mishaps) as this would ensure that more effort will be put into trying to avoid them.
• Plan everything. Holding an out-of-town wedding is not more difficult than having a city-wedding. You just have to plan, plan, plan.

Photo by Lito Sy
Photo by Lito Sy
They found exactly what they were looking for in Punta Fuego. While other couples bicker and argue about where to hold their wedding, Marj and Rand knew that Punta Fuego was THE place for them.

The couple loved the fact that Punta Fuego is beside the ocean. The view of the clear blue water, the sound of the waves and the cool ocean breeze blowing inside Punta Fuego's Upper Beach Room added to the serenity and the magic of the whole ceremony according to the bride. The feel of the wedding was very "Message in a Bottle," gushed Marj.

Holding their nuptials in a place like Punta Fuego where the noise and bustle of the city simply does not exist, Marj and Rand were able to keep their wedding intimate and serene. There were no vendors shouting and no car horns blaring outside to disrupt and ruin the beautiful music the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra was playing. The wedding ceremony and the reception were kept very private as Punta Fuego enforced its very strict security measures (had they tried, Wedding Crashers Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn would not have been able to get pass the main gate of Punta Fuego.)

Fireworks display after Marj & Rand's  wedding
Fireworks display after Marj & Randolf's wedding

Photo by Lito Sy
Photo by Lito Sy

Marj and Rand's celebration did not end with just the lighting of the fireworks. After the reception at the Upper Beach House the couple, their families and guests all proceeded to the Casitas, Punta Fuego's dwellings, where they were to spend the night. Since there was no need to hurry back to the city, everyone made themselves comfortable in the luxurious Casitas surroundings and reminisced about the day's happenings. The couple thought the Casitas was "the perfect place for the guests to end the celebration" with them.
What is the ultimate proof that your guests enjoyed your wedding as much as you did?

It's when your unmarried guests tell you afterwards that they want their wedding to be exactly like yours. And in the case of Marjorie and Randolf's Punta Fuego wedding, they all did.

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