Apayao Wedding Destinations

Apayao - Cordillera's Last Nature Frontier

From its separation with the province of Kalinga, Apayao has opened its doors to its rich, vast, and unexplored underground rivers, waterfalls, lakes, caves, and exotic wildlife. The government, along with other organizations, is preparing these scenic spots for tourism purposes


1. Population - 103,633 (as of 2007 Census)
2. Land Area - 4,083 sq. km
3. Capital - Kabugao
4. Language/Dialect - Ilocano, Isneg, English, and Filipino
5. Divisions

Municipalities (7)

  • Calanasan (Bayag)
  • Conner
  • Flora
  • Kabugao
  • Luna
  • Pudtol
  • Santa Marcela
Famous For ...

Apayao River
The Apayao River flows from the town of Calanasan to Luna. This unpolluted river serves as the home of several species of fish. Along the river can be found an array of picture-pretty waterfalls that are varying in sizes.

Places of Interest


Spanish Church
Location: Brgy, Mataguisa, Pudtol, Apayao
This church is considered as one of the oldest churches in the country


Dacao Dam
Location: Flora, Apayao
One can have a full view of the Apayao River flowing over wide plains and providing irrigation to farm lands. This could have been the site of a Mega Hydro Dam which was started in the early 80s but was not continued due to sabotaging activities of the people opposing the project.

Bacut Resort
Location: Sta. Marcela, Apayao
A place where one could see a water impounding dam, watershed area, natural and man-made lakes suitable for boating and fishing. One could view the lush green cassava plantations from this vantage point and also in going to the place.

Balasig Falls Resort
Location: Brgy. Badduat, Kabugao, Apayao
The resort has cemented pathways, cottages, a platform by the stream which makes it ideal for picnic and swimming activities.


Apayao River:
Location: Calanasan – Luna, Apayao
This river, crossing six towns of the province is navigable by motorboat. Its unpolluted waters render fish and wildlife visible along its banks. It offers extreme challenge in shooting the rapids.

Carmella Falls
Location: Brgy. Eva, Calanasan, Apayao
A breathtaking picturesque of a cascading water falls that soothes the tired eyes of tourist as they go along their trip.

Maxibab Falls
Location: Calanasan, Apayao
One of the most admired falls in the locality, standing at 30 feet more or less from the top to its base. The picturesque and scenic surroundings attract hitch hikers and adventurers who seek solace in its enchanting wilderness.

Mount Solo
Location: Pudtol, Apayao
This is the highest peak in Apayao. From the Provincial Capitol in Kabugao, visitors can have an overview on the majestic size and height of the mountain.


Apayao Day
Place: Kabugao, Apayao
Date: February 14
The province of Apayao was created on February 14, 1995 by virtue of Republic Act 7878. In honor of the foundation anniversary of the province, locals celebrate with an array of cultural and sports activities.

Pudtol Town Fiesta
Place: Pudtol, Apayao
Date: last week of May
This festive occasion is celebrated with agro-trade fair, pageant, and sports activities.