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Basilan - A Province to be Watched

Basilan is one province in a setting that reflects the true description of an island paradise. Blessed with natural bounties since its early years of existence, it has been called by merchants and travelers as an island of hope. The province, bestowed with different cultures and traditions and rich in aquatic resources, was once considered the trading center of Mindanao in the early days. Now, Basilan awaits travelers to discover its unique beauty that can never be compared to any other place in the world.


1. Population - 408,520 (as of 2007 Census)
2. Land Area - 1,234.2 sq. km
3. Capital - Isulan
4. Language/Dialect - Chavacano, Tausug, Yakan, Cebuano, English, and Filipino
5. Divisions

Cities (1)

  • Isabela City

Municipalities (12)

  • Lamitan
  • Sumisip
  • Maluso
  • Ungkaya Pukan
  • Lantawan
  • Tipo-Tipo
  • Tuburan
  • Al-Barka
  • Hadji Mohammad Ajul
  • Akbar
  • Hadji Muhtamad
  • Tabuan-Lasa
Famous For ...

Malamawi Island
It serves as the final and resting place of the nomad seafaring Badjaos and Samal-Luaans-Banguingui as well as the Muslim cemetery.

Santa Isabela Cathedral
Visited not only for religious purposes but also for to its modern architectural design.

Basilan Provincial Capitol
This building was built in such a way that it forms a U-shape with an open quadrangle and stage where special events, programs, and dances are held at the center of the building.

Places of Interest


Yakan Tribe
Location: Lamitan, Basilan
Yakan are peace-loving people known for colorful clothes handwoven with intricate geometric designs as well as for elaborate weddings and festivals.

Museum of Lamitan
Location: Lamitan, Basilan
It showcases the color and highlights of the Lami-lamihan Festival. It also serves as the information center for the development of this town.


Datu Kalun Shrine
Location: Lamitan, Basilan
Built as a tribute to a famous Yakan leader, it is a triangular park located at the heart of Lamitan City's bustling downtown.

Basilan Provincial Capitol
Location: Isabela City, Basilan
The current location of the capitol building was once the site of Fort Isabela II. The original Fort was bombed and destroyed towards the end of World War II, having been used by the occupying Japanese forces as a munitions dump.


Isabela City Plaza/ Plaza Rizal
Location: Isabela City, Basilan
Political rallies, civic events, local programs, night-time entertainment and religious pageants are held in and around the plaza. It also features an obelisk with the statue of Jose Rizal, a public stage, relief map of Basilan island on Plaza Rizal, fountain, skating rink, botanical garden and outdoor cafes.


Malamawi Island
Location: Malamawi, Basilan
The parola of the lighthouse guides ships and vintas to the channel.It boasts of the only lake in the province with wild ducks. Also found on this island is the Panigayan fishing village, where spearfishing is a recommended activity.

Kumalarang River
Location: Lantawan, Basilan
It boasts of its 14-meter-high waterfalls. It is a proposed site for a hydroelectric plant and a site good for outdoor activities and photo enthusiasts.

Balagtasan Waterfalls
Location: Lamitan, Basilan
The biggest waterfall on the island where the Basilan mini-hydro power plant is situated.

Sumagdang Beach
Location: Isabela City, Basilan
A natural resort for swimming. They have coconut plantations, mini rice fields and fishponds.

Alano White Beach Resort
Location: Malamawi Island, Malawi, Basilan
It features powdery white sands, day-cottages, and other amenities usually for domestic tourists and local patrons. It is widely touted as Basilan's own Boracay minus all the commercial trimmings.


Santa Isabel Cathedral
Location: Isabela City, Basilan
It is an art deco cathedral with a mosaic altar reminiscent of Roman-Byzantine cathedrals, named in honor of the patron saint of Isabela.

Kaum Purnah Mosque
Location: Isabela City, Basilan
An old and imposing mosque, the sight of which greets visitors on board ferries as they sail the channel into Isabela.

Monte Santo Shrine
Location: Mt. Ubit, Lamitan, Basilan
It is a pilgrimage site for devout Catholics who visit the shrine for the traditional "13 Stations" during Holy Week.


Lami-Lamihan Festival
Place: Lamitan, Basilan
Date: June 29
It is celebrated during the Feast of St. Peter (Fiesta San Pedro). The Festival is highlighted by the participation of the Yakans who attend the festivities in full regalia, selling wares and produce brought in from their farms in the interior.

Cocowayan Festival
Place: Isabela City, Basilan
Date: April 25
It is an annual commemoration of its Cityhood, is a week-long series of activities culminating in the annual Street Dancing parade

Fiesta Santa Isabel
Place: Isabela City, Basilan
Date: July 8
Celebrated in honor of its Patroness Saint Elizabeth of Portugal (Span. Sta. Isabel de Portugal), the focal point of the Fiesta celebrations happen around the Sta. Isabel Cathedral. This is highlighted by a Procession and Novena Masses, the traditional Bella Isabela Beauty Pageant, marathon, regatta and other activities.

Isra Wal Miraj
Place: Basilan Province
Date: May 9
An Islamic event celebrating the nocturnal journey and ascension of Muhammad.

Place: Basilan Province
Date: December 27
An Islamic celebration honoring the birthday of Muhammad.

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How To Get There?

By Air-Sea:
Take a flight bound for Zamboanga City. From there, take any land transportation towards Zamboanga Port in Gov. Lim Avenue. Ferry boats and single-hull fastcrafts here travel towards Basilan, docking at Port of Isabela or at Port Holland in Maluso, Basilan. Travel time is estimated between 45 minutes to one hour and 45 minutes.

By Sea:
Commercial ferry boats travel to Zamboanga City. Travel time from Manila to Zamboanga City is 29 hours, estimated. Ferry boats and single-hull fastcrafts at Zamboanga Port travel towards Basilan.