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Biliran – Philippines’ Untouched Paradise

Little is known about the province of Biliran. It was once a part of the province of Leyte until it became independent in 1992.

As more is learned about this hidden paradise, Biliran’s undiscovered and unexplored wonders are starting unravel before the world. Among its well-kept treasure is the Higatangan Island, famous for its moving sandbar and the Tomalistis Falls, believed to have the clearest water in the world. Biliran still has more beaches, caves, dives sites, and other places of interest waiting to be discovered.


1.Population – 150, 031 (as of 2007 Census)
2. Land Area – 55.42 sq. km
3. Capital – Naval
4. Language/Dialect – Cebuano, Waray, English, and Filipino
5. Divisions

Cities (0)

Municipalities (8)

  • Almeria
  • Biliran
  • Cabucgayan
  • Caibiran
  • Culaba
  • Culaba
  • Maripipi
  • Naval
Famous For ...

Undiscovered Scenic Beaches
The province is blessed with white sand beaches, majestic islets, rich marine life and coral gardens, enchanting falls and springs, and rice terraces replicating Ifugao creativity and ingenuity.

Tomalistis Falls
It has unbelievably clear and sweet-tasting water said to be a wondrous elixir capable of healing powers.

Higatangan Island’s Moving Sandbar
The island is known for its moving sand bar extending about 200 meters to the sea. There is one huge coral rock, a reef that was thrust up from the ocean’s floor centuries ago. The fields are studded with gigantic clamshells measuring up to a meter wide.

Places of Interest


Iyusan Rice Terraces
Location: Brgy. Iyusan, Almeria, Biliran
Similar to the Banaue Rice Terraces, it is located on a mountainous terrain where each terrace threads on its natural slope. Although not in the same scale as the famous Ifugao creation, this rice terraces reflects the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Biliran’s local farmers.

Masagongsong Swimming Pool
Location: Brgy Masagongsong, Kawayan, Biliran
Its twin pools are supplied with naturally flowing cool and fresh spring water that came out from rocks in the creek. The area is shaded by coconut trees and lush tropical plants. The resort’s cool waters and invigorating atmosphere offer absolute relaxation to any visitor. It has a conference hall, kiosks, comfort and dressing rooms.


Higatangan Island
Location: Naval, Biliran
The island has several white sand beaches sprinkled with exotic shells newly washed up from the seabed. Facing an open sea, the white sand beach, cool pristine waters and exotic rock formations of Higatangan Island are themselves nature at its best.

Sambawan Island
Location: Mariripi, Biliran
It has two main islets rich in marine life and coral gardens. At high tide, Sambawan is transformed into three beautiful islets. Sambawan Island is one of Biliran's sites for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Tingkasan Island and Bat Cave
Location: Brgy. Balacson, Kawayan, Biliran
The island is ideal for diving and spear fishing, made even more appealing with the abundance of edible shells. In the island is a bat-filled cave, where ancient secondary burial jars have been found.

Tomalistis Falls
Location: Caibiran, Biliran
It is known for its crystal clear and sweet-tasting waters. It is believed to be the clearest drinking water in the world that even ships come to this place for water supply. Also, townsfolk believe that the water from the falls has mystical healing powers.

Bagongbong Falls
Location: Almeria, Biliran
This 30-feet waterfalls is located amidst tropical forest is a potential source of hydroelectric power. The Philippine National Oil Company found out that the falls could generate 3.5 hydropower megawatts.

Casyawan Falls
Location: Cabucgayan, Biliran
The falls are hidden in dense and huge mahogany trees. A narrow steep trail surrounded by lush foliage leads to this 40-foot waterfall.

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How To Get There?

By Air-land:
Major carriers serve direct Manila-Tacloban flight twice a day, landing at DZR Airport in Tacloban City. From Tacloban City, aircon shuttle vans and ordinary fare buses are available in going to the capital.

From Mactan International Airport in Cebu, fast crafts are available daily to Ormoc City, where aircon shuttle vans connect the trip to Naval. Direct voyage to Naval is available 3 times a week.