Camarines Norte Wedding Destination

Camarines Norte – Bicolandia's Goldmine

Camarines Norte serves as the gateway to the Bicol region. The province is gifted with various natural treasures, one of which is gold. The town of Paracale is considered as the 'gold country' of the province. With this, Paracale became the center of jewelry-making industry and is still regarded as a good place to purchase fine gold jewelry. One of the ancient jewels made in Paracale is the 'agrimon', a flat necklace chain of the 19th century.

But Camarines Norte has other ‘golden treasures’. The First Rizal monument was erected in its capital, Daet, only two years after Dr. Jose Rizal was executed in Bagumbayan. Bagasbas Beach, Mercedes and Calaguas Group of Islands are famed white sand beaches and great waves, ideal for surfing enthusiasts.


1. Population – 513, 785 (as of 2007 Census)
2. Land Area – 2,320.1 sq. km
3. Capital – Daet
4. Language/Dialect – Bikol, English, and Filipino
5. Divisions

Cities (0)

Municipalities (12)

  • Basud
  • Capalonga
  • Daet
  • Jose Panganiban
  • Labo
  • Mercedes
  • Paracale
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz
  • San Vicente
  • Santa Elena
  • Vinzons

Famous For ...

First Rizal Monument
Built in 1898, the First Monument of Rizal in the Philippines is located across the Old Daet Municipal Hall. Its foundation, it is believed, is made of mortars and boulders from the demolished Old Spanish Jail in Daet

Bagasbas Beach
The most popular beach resort in the province is in Barangay Bagasbas, Daet. During clear but windy days, the big waves that roll in from the Pacific Ocean make it a paradise for surfing beginners and afficionados

Delectable Food
The Bicolano's expertise in the kitchen manifests in some of Camarines Norte's mouthwatering delicacies and recipes

  1. Camarines Norte Queen – a special variety of pineapple that is unique and largely produced in the province.
  2. Dilissinuwaan – dilis (anchovy) wrapped in taro leaves and boiled in coconut milk, vinegar, and spices
  3. Iraid – grated cassava with sweet potato, pure coconut milk and brown sugar
Places of Interest


First Rizal Monument
Location: Magallanes cor. Justo Lukban St., Daet Municipal Hall, Daet, Camarines Norte
The first monument dedicated to Dr. Jose Rizal is a three-tiered stone pylon with its square base supporting a triangle in two stages, the last one tapering off to a point. It was built in 1898, two years after his death.

Jose Ma. Panganiban Shrine
Location: Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte
This 9 ft. tall bronze statue was erected in honor of Jose Maria Panganiban, a Filipino Propagandist in Spain and hero, dubbed as the “Avenger of Filipino Honor”. It contains the remains of the martyr which have been laid below it and inside the center of the monument's base.

Vinzons Shrine
Location: Vinzons, Camarines Norte
A two-storey house, the former residence of Wenceslao Q. Vinzons, Sr., a hero during the Japanese War was converted into a shrine complete with public library and museum which stores the memorabilia of the hero.

Laniton Landmark
Location: Brgy. Laniton, Basud, Camarines Norte
This was the site of the first guerrilla encounter against the Japanese Imperial Army.


Bagasbas Beach
Location: Brgy. Daet, Camarines Norte
The beach is endowed with fine gray sand. During favorable days, the waves that roll through its shores are ideal for novice and experienced surfers.

San Jose Beach
Location: Talisay, Camarines Norte
The beach, like Bagasbas Beach, faces the Pacific Ocean, making it ideal for wind surfing.

Mampurog River
Location: Daet, Camarines Norte
This river is wide with clear and deep cold water, a nice place to wade in and explore. It is a very popular choice for swimming, excursions, and picnics during summer

Apuao Grande Island
Location: Mercedes, Camarines Norte
This white sand beach island has been converted into a commercial resort with high-class facilities and 9 holes at par¬35 and 2,597 yardage golf course

Mercedes Group of Island
Location: Mercedes, Camarines Norte
The major attractions in these islands are its clean white beaches, corrals, underwater sceneries, rock formations, and fish sanctuary. Additional come-ons are scenic landscapes and seascapes, the attractive lighthouse in Canimog Island, unexplored Canton cave, and the different types of seashells and tropical fishes that abound.

Calaguas Group of Island
Location: Vinzons, Camarines Norte
This group of islands is suitable for water based activities such as swimming, snorkeling, wind surfing and island hopping and land-based activities like trekking and sunbathing. The islands all have beaches with white, powdery sand similar to that found in Boracay.


Kalayaan Park
Location: Daet, Camarines Norte
It is reputed to be one of the most beautiful parks in the Bicol region. Must-see sights in the park include a fountain, man-made lagoon, and the tallest bronze statue of Jose Rizal found in the provincial area.


Church of St. Peter the Apostle (Vinzons Catholic Church)
Location: Vinzons, Camarines Norte
Built in 1581, it is pne of the oldest churches in the Philippines. The statue of St. Peter sitting in a throne can be found at the alter, instead of the usual large crucifix.


Palong Festival (Black Nazarene Festival)
Place: Capalonga, Camarines Norte
Date: May 13 - 14
This two-day religious festivity in honor of the town's Patron Saint, the Black Nazarene. It is highlighted by a pilgrimage where people come in thousands to give in their respect to the miraculous Patron Saint.

Pabirik Festival
Place: Paracale, Camarines Norte
Date: February 1-2
The celebration is highlighted by various sports, dance and street dancing competitions, cultural presentations and the search for Ms. Paracale Beauty Pageant. "Pabirik" suggests the pan and procedure Paracale folk use in gold panning.

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How To Get There?

By land:
Camarines Norte is about six hours drive from Manila. Different transportation companies have air-conditioned buses plying the Daet-Manila-Daet and Daet-Naga-Legazpi-Daet routes.

By Air:
Camarines Norte can be reached through Pili Airport in Camarines Sur. From the airport, take a bus or a cab to Daet via Naga City. Local flights that land on Bagasbas Airport (Daet Domestic Airport)are also available.