Isabela Wedding Destination

Isabela - Rice Granary of the North

Dubbed as the ‘Rice Granary of the North’, Isabela is gifted with vast agricultural lands which grow quality rice, tobacco, and crops which are exported to other countries. Most farmlands in the province are highly mechanized.

The biggest dam project in the Asia during its construction, the Magat Dam, is located in the province as well. The dam supplies water to the farmland and households and electricity to certain parts of the region and the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).


1. Population - 1,401,495 (as of 2007 Census)
2. Land Area -10,644.6 sq. km
3. Capital - Ilagan
4. Language/Dialect -Ilocano, Ibanag, Yogad, Gaddang, English, and Filipino
5. Divisions

Cities (2)

  • Cauayan City
  • Santiago City

Municipalities (8)

  • Alicia
  • Angadanan
  • Aurora
  • Benito Soliven
  • Burgos
  • Cabagan
  • Cabatuan
  • Cordon
  • Delfin Albano (Magsaysay)
  • Dinapigue
  • Divilacan
  • Echague
  • Gamu
  • Ilagan
  • Jones
  • Luna
  • Maconacon
  • Mallig
  • Naguilian
  • Palanan
  • Quezon
  • Quirino
  • Ramon
  • Reina Mercedes
  • Roxas
  • San Agustin
  • San Guillermo
  • San Isidro
  • San Manuel
  • San Mariano
  • San Mateo
  • San Pablo
  • Santa Maria
  • Santo Tomas
  • Tumauini
Famous For...

Magat Dam
It was Asia’s biggest dam project at the time of its construction. Aside from serving as a water reservoir, it is also used as a hydro electric power plant.

St. Mathias Church
A National Historical Landmark, this church has a unique cylindrical belfry, the only one of its kind in the country.

Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park
This 300,000-hectare protected rainforest is home to endemic species of flora and fauna and exceptional biological diversity

World’s Biggest Butaka
This lounge chair is a Guinness Book of World Records holder for the biggest lounge chair in the world. It was constructed by 25 workers in 29 days.

Our Lady of the Visitation National Shrine
The image of the Miraculous Lady of the Visitacion is as popular as the Our Lady of Piat in Cagayan. Every July, religious pilgrims come to offer prayers of thanks and to ask for another year of good fortune.

Delectable food
Savor the taste of the famous binallay, a special rice cake wrapped in banana leaves. This delicacy from Ilagan requires certain skill to be able to eat every single bit of this stick and sweet desert.

Places of Interest...


Isabela Museum and Library
Location: San Pablo, Isabela
Artifacts, fossils, ethnographic items, heirloom pieces, visual arts (photographs, paintings, sculpture, and graphic arts); historical and cultural dioramas, and miniature models of provincial landmarks are among the contents of this 10-year old museum.


Aguinaldo Shrine
Location: Palanan, Isabela
This is the site where the American forces capture President General Emilio Aguinaldo, thus ending the Philippine – American War in 1901.


Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park
Location: Palanan, Isabela
It is the largest protected area in the country with more than 300,000 hectares of rainforest, and the lowest at 800 feet above sea level. Due to the lack of roads, it has remained unpolluted and undisturbed by loggers. It is a confirmed habitat of the endangered Philippine Eagle and the Cloud Rat.


World’s Biggest Butaka
Location: Brgy. Alinguigan Ilagan, Isabela
This world record butaka measure at 11 feet 4 inches high, 20 feet 8 inches long, and 9 feet 7 inches wide. Thus, Ilagan was tagged as the “Butaka City of Isabela.”

Magat Dam and Magat Hydro Electric Power Plant
Location: Ramon, Isabela
The water from the dam generates 360 megawatts of electricity for the Luzon Grid and supplies the irrigation for the agricultural land in Region 2 and CAR. Its reservoir area of 4,450 hectares has a great potential for water-based recreation like fishing, boating and water skiing, among others.


Shrine of Our Lady of the Visitation
Location: Brgy. Guibang, Gamu, Isabela
The shrine is filled of devotees every July 2, the feast day of the Our Lady of the Visitacion. These pilgrims come to offer prayers of thanks and to ask for another year of good fortune.

Parish Church of St. Mathias
Location: Tumauini, Isabela
It is an ultra-baroque church unique for its extensive use of baked clay both for wall finishing and ornamentation. This church of stone features a unique cylindrical bell tower that is the only one of its kind in the Philippines.


Bambanti Festival
Place: Isabela Province
Date: May 10
Banbanti is a term which means ‘scarecrow’. The festival is a thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest of rice and corn and other agricultural products of Isabela. Locals celebrate through street dancing and float parades.

Feast of Our Lady of the Visitacion
Place: Brgy. Guibang, Gamu, Isabela
Date: July 2
Pilgrims from all over and outside the province participate in the religious activities prepared by the parish.