Marinduque Wedding Destination

Marinduque - Lenten Mecca of Southern Tagalog

Although it is the smallest province in the Southern Tagalog region, Marinduque is home to one of the biggest festivals held during Lenten Season, the Moriones Festival. Streets are filled with locals wearing masks garbed in Roman soldier clothing complete with armor, shield, lance, and sword, replicating the Roman soldier Longhinus who stabbed the side of Jesus Christ and His blood cured the centurion’s blindness.

With the number of beautiful old churches in the province, Visita Iglesia has become another spiritual activity in the province during Lent. Unknowingly, this small island packs a lot of sights for wandering travelers. From pristine and secluded beaches, to underwater paradise gateways, Marinduque gives tourists more than one reason to stay longer.


1.Population – 217,392 (as of 2007 Census)
2. Land Area – 959.3 sq. km
3. Capital – Boac
4. Language/Dialect – Tagalog and Visayan, Bicolano, English, and Filipino
5. Divisions

Cities (0)

Municipalities (6)

  • Boac
  • Buenavista
  • Gasan
  • Mogpog
  • Santa Cruz
  • Torrijos
Famous For...

Moriones Festival
Masked men and women, called morions flock the streets during Lenten season replicating the garb of biblical Roman soldiers.

It is an indigenous custom of welcoming and honoring friends and visitors accompanied by chanting greetings.

Boac Cathedral
Built in honor of the Birhen ng Biglang Awa (Blessed Virgin of Immediate Succor), the cathedral has maintained its Filipino-Hispanic Gothic architectural design throughout the years.

Bathala Cave
Like the Mount Banahaw found between Laguna and Rizal, the cave is also tagged as a place of mystic powers.

Places of Interest...


Putong is a Tagalog word which means ‘to put on’ or ‘to wear’. The ceremony done to honor and welcome friends and visitors from other province starts with the procession of the “mamumutong,” a group of men and women, chanting greetings before the visitors whom they regard as deities. Every barangay has its own version of this tradition that has evolved from healing rituals to thanksgiving and welcome events.

Tawak Drinking
Tawak is a concoction made from mint leaves. It is only made, served and drank during Good Friday.

Pangkat Kalutang
Location: Brgy. Bangbang, Gasan, Marinduque
It is a piece of musical instrument made from bayog and kwatingan trees endemic to the province. These two pieces of wood produces a distinct pitch and tonal quality when banged together.


Battle of Pulang Lupa Marker
Location: Torrijos, Marinduque
A battle between the Filipino revolutionary fighters and the American forces commenced here. The Philippine freedom fighters emerged victorious in this battle.

Battle of Paye Marker
Location: Boac, Marinduque
On July 31, 1900, a fierce battle between the Filipino freedom fighters and the Americans. Despite inferior weapons, the Filipinos defeated the Americans.


Marcopper Mining Corporation Mine Site
Location: Torrijos and Boac, Marinduque
This non-operating mine site was once the subject of a major environmental disaster. On March 24, 1996, news came out that mine tailings from the site leaked out to the Makulapnit-Boac river system. Until now, the residents of Marinduque feel the effects of the toxic materials.


Bathala Cave
Location: Sta. Cruz, Marinduque
It is the only existing cave named after an ancient Filipino god. It is composed of 26 interconnected caves, two or three of which are regularly visited. During Lent, believers pay homage to the site and absorb its alleged psychic powers.

Tres Reyes Island
Location: Sitio Castillo, Brgy. Pinggan, Gasan, Marinduque
Tres Reyes is composed of three islands: Gaspar, Melchor, and Baltazar. The biggest, Gaspar, has a crushed coral beach and an ideal site for swimming and snorkeling. Melchor Island good scuba diving area. Baltazar Island, the farthest among the three has an operational lighthouse with a guard house. It also has an underwater cave where occasional sharks and stingrays thrive in once in a while.

Sta. Cruz Island Beaches
Location: Polo, Maniwaya, Mongpong Islands, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque
These island beaches are blessed with fine white sand and underwater coral gardens.

Mount Malindig
Location: Buenavista, Marinduque
Rising up to 1,157 meters. Its foothills are visited by rare species of birds, deer, wild boar and monkeys. Mountain climbers are treated to a panoramic view of the province.

Molbog Sulfur Spring
Location: Buenavista, Marinduque
Found at the base of the inactive Mt. Malindig volcano, Molbog Sulfur Springs has two pools that attract visitors to experience its medicinal value.

Bulusukan Falls
Location: Brgy. Bagtingon, Buenavista, Marinduque
Aside from enjoying the cool water from this two-tiered waterfall, the area is the home of more than 300 species of butterflies.


Ina ng Biglang Awa Cathedral (Boac Cathedral)
Location: Boac, Marinduque
Built in 1756, Filipinos and Spaniards use the church as a hiding place during attacks of marauding pirates. In 1792, the church was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Immediate Succor. Until now, devotees and local believe that the image is miraculous and is venerated all throughout the province.

Lourdes Grotto
Location: Sapinit Hill, Brgy. Bagtingon, Buenavista, Marinduque
The grotto, inspired by the original grotto found in Lourdes, France, offers a great view of Mt. Malindig and the Tablas Strait. Pilgrims constantly visit the site because of its location that is free from the noise of everyday life.


Moriones Festival
Place: Boac, Mogpog, and Gasan, Marinduque
Date: Lenten Season
The festival is said to have originated in Mogpog, in the 1880s when a re-enactment of the crucifixion was staged by a local priest. Since then, it has been a tradition for locals to wear face masks and garbs of Roman centurions and soldiers, complete with spears, lances, and shield. The story revolves on Longhinus, a blind Roman soldier who pierced the side of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. The soldier regained his sight when the blood of the Lord went on his eyes. In the end, Longhinus died a martyr when he was beaded.

Kangga Festival
Place: Mogpog, Marinduque
Date: May 15
The feast is celebrated in honor of San Isidro Labrador. The fiesta is highlighted with street-dancing, brass bands, beauty contests, carabaos, kangga, cart and cultural performances.

Bila-bila Festival
Place: Boac, Marinduque
Date: December 8
The event is centered on the life cycle of butterflies, the butterfly farming industry being one of the town's more unique industries. Children and local dancers dressed in butterfly costumes flock the street and dance to the beat of their ethnic music.

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How To Get There?

By Sea
Travelers may take a bus bound for Talao-talao Port or Dalahican Port in Lucena City. From there, Roll on-Roll off (RORO) vessels will transport land based vehicles to Marinduque.

An alternative is to get off the bus at Talao-talao Port and ride a fast craft or ferry to Balanacan Port in Mogpog. From here, take a jeepney, FX or air-conditioned vans bound for Mogpog, Boac, Gasan and Buenavista.

For those bound to Sta. Cruz and Torrijos, take the ferry to Buyabod Port, Sta Cruz. Ride a tricycle to the town center and from here, travelers can ride a jeep going to Torrijos, Mogpor and Boac.

By Air
Local airlines have direct flights to Marinduque, landing at Marinduque Airport. Travel time takes around 40 minutes from Manila.