Mountain Province Wedding Destination

Mountain Province – Weaver’s Paradise

As its name implies, this part of the Cordillera Administrative Region is surrounded by lush mountains which allowed the Bontocs to keep their religion and avoid the conquest of Spaniards.

Mountain Province has preserved the art of loom and blackstrap weaving. Passed on from generation to generation, the natives of the province, called Bontocs, have continuously practiced this ancient craft using their traditional tools. Thread and dye used for weaving come from plants and trees and are manually made as well.


1. Population – 148, 661 (as of 2007 Census)
2. Land Area – 2, 097.3 sq. km
3. Capital – Bontoc
4. Language/Dialect – Ilocano, Kankanaey, English, and Filipino
5. Divisions

Cities (0)

Municipalities (10)

  • Barlig
  • Bauko
  • Besao
  • Bontoc
  • Natonin
  • Paracelis
  • Sabangan
  • Sabangan
  • Sadanga
  • Sagada
  • Tadian
Famous For...

Hanging Coffins
The province is famed for its hanging coffins; wooden coffins hanged in high steep formation.

Sagada Caves
Best for budding cave explorers, the Sagada caves is one of the easiest to explore. Inside are stalactite and stalagmite formations and cool natural pools.

Cagubatan Enchanted Eels
Protected by the locals, this specie of eel shows itself rarely shows itself in the stream where it was found.

Places of Interest...


Bontoc Village Museum
Location: Catholic Sisters’ Convent and Saint Vincent's Elementary School, Bontoc, Mountain Province
It features a range of artifacts crafted by the Igorots for domestic purposes and traditional celebrations or practices.

Hanging Coffins
Location: Sagada, Mountain Province
Several wooden coffins hang at the side of the mountains of Sagada. It is said that the only married people with children are buried in this manner.

Blackstrap and Loom Weaving Houses
Location: Sabangan, Sagada, and Bontoc, Mountain Province
The towns of Sabagan and Sagada specialize in loom weaving while the residents of Bontoc are known for blackstrap weaving. Knapsacks, placemats, bags, and purses are the popular products sold to tourists.

Alab Petroglyph
Location: Bontoc, Mountain Province
It is a giant rock etched with bows and arrows and human beings. It is believed that the inscriptions portray fertility rites. Others though, believe that the human beings were the warriors buried in the caves.


Mountain Province Trade Center
Location: Bontoc, Mountain Province
The trade center is the venue for the biggest trade fairs conducted by the local government to highlight and promote the local products of the province. On regular days, it serves as a shopping mall where indigenous products are sold.

Rizal Memorial Plaza
Location: Bontoc, Mountain Province
The plaza has a playground, park, and a preferred meeting venue for programs and social gatherings.

Rice Terraces
Mountain Province is filled with rice terraces, intelligently crafted by the natives. Its construction is made up of stone riprap.
1. Bauko
a. Bangen Rice Terraces
2. Besao
a. Besao Rice Terraces
b. Bucas Rice Terraces
3. Bontoc
a. Maligcong Rice Terraces
b. Bayyo Rice Terraces
c. Bontoc Poblacion Rice Terraces
d. Dalican Rice Terraces
4. Sagada
a. Kiltepan Rice Terraces
b. Tanulong Rice Terraces
c. Suyo Rice Terraces
d. Bulongan Rice Terraces
e. Bangaan Rice Terraces
f. Ambasing Rice Terraces
g. Fidelisan Rice Terraces
5. Sadanga
a. Sadanga Rice Terraces
b. Focong Rice Terraces
6. Natonin Rice Terraces
7. Barlig Rice Terraces


Sagada Caves
Location: Sagada, Mountain Province
Best for budding cave explorers, the Sagada caves is one of the easiest to explore. Inside are stalactite and stalagmite formations and cool natural pools. A tour inside may last around three hours to an entire day.

Mainit Hot Springs
Location: Brgy. Mainit, Bontoc, Mountain Province
This sulfuric hot spring offers swimmers a soothing relief due to its content. Others believe that swimming here can cure certain skin diseases.

Mount Clitoris
Location: Tadian, Mountain Province
Formerly known as Mount Mogao, this conically shaped mountain stands proudly over 3 villages. At dusk or dawn, Mount Clitoris appears serene and solemn.

Besao Sunset Rocks
Location: Besao, Mountain Province
Farmers use these two rocks to identify the seasons by how the sun's rays fit into the crevices.

Cagubatan Enchanted Eels
Location: Brgy. Cagubatan, Tadian, Mountain Province
Protected by the locals, this specie of eel shows itself rarely shows itself in the stream where it was found. Before rainy season, a ritual is performed called “Dolis” is done as a thanksgiving to the god Kabunyan for the blessings of abundant water found in the eel’s dwellings that made the community survive during the past El Niño and is supplying the nearby rice plantation.


Lang-ay Festival / Mountain Province Foundation Day
Place: Mountain Province
Date: March 27 – April 7
The foundation day celebration features street dancing, sports, and weave design competition. There are also trade fairs, cultural shows, and medical and dental missions scheduled during the festival.

Sagada Spelunking
Place: Sagada, Mountain Province
Date: November 27 – 29
Spelunkers from all over Mountain Province and nearby provinces gather at the Sagada Caves for cave exploration and trekking activities.

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How To Get There?

By Land
Mountain Province can be reached by bus through the route going to Baguio. Halsema and Maharlika Highway via Banaue Rd., is the main route going to different municipalities of the province.