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Quirino – Forest Heartland of Cagayan

Named after Elpidio Quirino, the sixth President of the Philippines, the province was the forest region of Nueva Vizcaya. As such, Ilongots, Ifugaos, Kankanai and Inibaloi were reported to have settled on the highlands of the province. Since it was made into an independent province on June 18, 1966, Quirino has unveiled its treasures to the world. These treasures include the Governor’s Rapids, Aglipay Cave, and Maddela Forest Resort and Waterfalls.


1. Population – 163,610 (as of 2007 Census)
2. Land Area – 3,057.2 sq. km
3. Capital – Cabarroguis
4. Language/Dialect – Ilocano, Ifugaos, Tagalog, Ilongot, Pangasinense, Kankaney, English, and Filipino
5. Divisions

Cities (0)

Municipalities (6)

  • Aglipay
  • Cabarroguis
  • Diffun
  • Maddela
  • Nagtipunan
  • Saguday
Famous For...

Fossilized flower making
Leaves of acacia trees, guavas, some grasses, and water lily are used by locals to make these beautiful fossilized flowers. These products are exported to several countries.

Governor Rapids
This part of the Cagayan River is famous for its perpendicular limestone walls and its swift, turbulent, deep blue water, making it an ideal spot for rafting, swimming and fishing.

Places of Interest...


Aglipay Town
Location: Aglipay, Quirino
The province was named after Fr. Gregorio Aglipay, rebel priest and the founder of Philippine Independent Church.


Nagbukel Cave
Location: Diffun, Quirino
The cave is a favorite destination for picnics during Holy Week.

Aglipay Cave
Location: Aglipay, Quirino
The 38-series cave system boast of an underground river and well preserved stalagmites and stalactites. These caves interlink with each other and run to a depth of 20 meters.

Governor Rapids
Location: Madella, Quirino
Its deep blue water is perfect for white river rafting, swimming, and fishing. The rapids frame the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Location: Nagtipunan, Quirino
It is a rock formation similar to a sunken ship, with its upper deck protruding from the ground.

Victoria Falls
Location: Barrio Sangbay, Nagtipunan
It is one of the sources of the Cagayan River which ends at the Aparri Delta.

Maddela Forest Resort and Waterfalls
Location: Madella, Quirino
This seven-staged waterfall comes with picnic grove and cottages specially made for the enjoyment of its cool waters and serene location.


Panagdadapun Festival
Place: Quirino Province
Date: September 7-10
The foundation anniversary of the province is highlighted with parades, agro-tourism and trade fairs, motocross, and other activities.

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How to get there

By Land:
Quirino is six and a half hours away from Manila. To get there, one can take the bus bound for Isabela. From there, ride a jeepney or mini buse headed to Quirino.