Southern Leyte Wedding Destination

Southern Leyte – The Centuries Old Charmer

March 31, 1521 became the turning point in the history of the province. On that day, the ‘first’ Christian mass was held in the country, signifying the start of the spread of the Catholic faith in the Philippines. But years after, Southern Leyte still has more secrets which captures the interest of local and foreign tourists alike.

Southern Leyte’s natural wonders never fail to impress its visitors. Among its famed sites include the Sun-ok and Napantaw Fish Sanctuary, Patag Daku and Maamo Beach. These and more await the adventure loving visitors of Southern Leyte.


1. Population – 390, 847 (as of 2007 Census)
2. Land Area –1, 797.2 sq. km
3. Capital – Maasin City
4. Language/Dialect –Cebuano, Boholano, Waray - waray, English, and Filipino
5. Divisions

Cities (1)

  • Maasin City

Municipalities (18)

  • Anahawan
  • Bontoc
  • Hinunangan
  • Hinundayan
  • Libagon
  • Liloan
  • Limasawa
  • Malitbog
  • Macrohon
  • Padre Burgos
  • Pintuyan
  • St. Bernard
  • San Francisco
  • San Juan
  • San Ricardo
  • Silago
  • Sogod
  • Tomas Oppus
Famous For ...

Limasawa Island and the Sinugdan Festival
On March 31, 1521, an Easter Sunday, Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan and his men celebrated in the island the ‘first’ Christian mass in the Philippines. To commemorate the event, locals celebrate the Sinugdan Festival. The event is filled with cultural presentations and other programs.

Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary
Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary hosts a variety of marine life. The underwater contour is actually a terrace full of distinct coral formations inhabited by large species of fish.

Sinulog sa Malitbog
This is an annual religious street pageant to pay homage to the Holy Child Jesus (Santo Niño), the town’s patron. Religious activities are held throughout the festival, along with cultural presentations.

Places of Interest


Municipality of Malitbog
Location: Malitbog, Southern Leyte
It is one of the oldest towns in the province of Leyte which was once the center of trade and commerce. Still present are old big Spanish houses and church and the prominent Escaño family mausoleum built in 1928 with its dome towering over a catacomb.


Limasawa Island
Location: Limasawa, Southern Leyte
This is where the ‘first’ mass in the Philippines was held, and is said to be the birthplace of Roman Catholicism in the country. Limasawa Island is also a diver’s paradise. It boasts of magnificent walls and sheer drop-offs decorated with a variety of lovely fan corals that never fail to awe even the most traveled and experienced diver.


Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary
Location: Pintuyan, Southern Leyte
Fully rehabilitated soft and hard corals along cracks and crevices provide an appropriate backdrop that sums up a totally interesting dive experience. Best time to dive is from October to May. Fishing as well as the collection of shells and other items are strictly prohibited.

Napantaw Fish Sanctuary
Location: San Francisco, Southern Leyte
The sanctuary is a hideout full of huge sea and soft corals. Healthy corals, clear water, rich marine life; the highly diverse underwater terrain in the area promises to be a challenging and exciting dive that a resident school of fully grown surgeon fishes welcomes the “intruder” to a celebration of marine bliss and tranquility.

Patag Daku
Location: Libagon, Southern Leyte
Due to its inaccessibility, Patag Daku remains one of the least explored, and possibly, least disturbed and least exploited, forest ecosystem in the province today. Literally ‘big plain’, it is a major climb as described in mountaineering parlance.

Cuatro Islas
Location: Inopacan – Hindang, Southern Leyte
As the name suggests, it is composed of four lovely isles namely: Daguio, Apit, Mahaba and Himokilan bordered by white sandy shore. Aside from the beautiful beach, there are also plenty of coral reefs in the waters, making them ideal for scuba divers

Panaon Island
Location: Liloan, Southern Leyte
It is a part of Mindanao Deep, the second deepest body of water in the world. It is considered as one of the most mystifying dive destinations in Southern Leyte. It is where one may encounter a school of whales or dolphins.

Maamo Beach
Location: Brgy. San Roque, Liloan, Southern Leyte
Maamo (meaning “gentle”) Beach can be reached by way of a boat. The deep sea is host to numerous fish, making it a haven for fishermen. The coastline on the other hand, is noted for its white sands and the cool breeze emanating from the ocean.

Bitu-on Beach
Location: Brgy. San Roque, Liloan, Southern Leyte
It offers the tourist a splendid view of the skies, perfect for strolling on the beach. Various seashells are present on the seashore that are available for collectors. Aside from the shells, there are also several types of fish in the area.

Wawa Strait
Location: Macrohon, Southern Leyte
The often invisible strait is a sight to behold from this town. One could simply while away his time and get a relaxing feeling by going to this point to get a glimpse of its beauty.

Maghusot Park
Location: Sogod, Southern Leyte
This national park features a forested area of about 500 hectares. It has 4 waterfalls that converge into one basin that is 20 meters in height.


Shrine of Our Lady of the Assumption and the Precious Blood of Jesus (Maasin Cathedral)
Location: Maasin, Southern Leyte
The cathedral is known for housing images that date to the Spanish colonial period. It is considered one of the oldest parishes in the country. It has been rebuilt several times, and has been managed by the Jesuits, Augustinians, and the Franciscans. Residents commonly call it the Mother Mary Shrine


Sinulog sa Malitbog
Place: Maltibog, Southern Leyte
Date: January 15
An annual religious street pageant celebrated as homage to the Holy Child Jesus (Santo Niño), patron of Malitbog. It has grown steadily with devotees from other places flocking to the town.

Place: Limawasa, Southern Leyte
Date: March 31
Sinugdan means ‘beginning’. The festival celebrates the ‘first’ Christian mass in the Philippines and the beginning of the spread of the Catholic faith in the country. Cultural activities, pageants and competitions are held during the event. Highlighting the festival is the dramatization of the ‘first’ Christian mass in the Philippines.

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How To Get There?

By land:
There are bus companies that travel Manila - Maasin City, taking the Manila-Maasin route of Pan-Philippine Highway. Travel time is 23 hours.

By Air-land:
Take a flight from Manila to Tacloban City, Leyte. From the airport, there are available transportation headed to the capital of Southern Leyte.

By Sea:
From Cebu, ferry boats travel to Southern Leyte, docking at Maasin Port. Travel time is 2 – 6 hours. From Surigao, ferryboats travel for three hours and dock at Liloan Port.