Sultan Kudarat Wedding Destination

Sultan Kudarat - Mindanao's Unexplored Gem

Not much is written about Sultan Kudarat, named after Sultan Mohammed Dipatuan Kudarat of Mindanao and Sulu, the great ruler during the 17th century. Much like its name, the province has so many great things waiting to be revealed to the world. For one, it boasts of 12 unique caves, all found in one town: Sen. Ninoy Aquino. There are more caves in the province that could potentially make Sultan Kudarat a spelunking haven of the Philippines.


1. Population - 675,644 (as of 2007 Census)
2. Land Area - 675,644 sq. km
3. Capital - Isulan
4. Language/Dialect - Cebuano, Maguindanao, English, and Filipino
5. Divisions

Cities (1)

  • Tacurong City

Municipalities (11)

  • Bagumbayan
  • Columbio
  • Esperanza
  • Isulan
  • Kalamansig
  • Lambayong (Mariano Marcos)
  • Lebak
  • Lutayan
  • Palimbang
  • President Quirino
  • Sen. Ninoy Aquino
Famous For ...

Kalimudan Festival
It is an annual gathering of the different tribal groups in the province to celebrate a bountiful harvest.

Caves at Sen. Ninoy Aquino
The town named after the former senator has at 12 caves that have been explored and a must-see for any caving enthusiast.

Hot and Cold Springs
The establishments where these hot and cold springs are located give visitors not only relaxation, but also peace of mind since most of them are located in secluded areas.

Places of Interest


Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol Building
Location: Isulan, Sultan Kudarat
The provincial building is adorned with a huge gold dome at the center, which is the prayer room for the Muslims. Inside, there are specialized rooms used by the sultans of Mindanao. The Hall of Sultans was reserved for times when Muslim Sultans would gather in Isulan for meetings. Hall of Kings was reserved for meetings of important Christian visitors of the Province.


Caves at Sen. Ninoy Aquino
Location: Sen. Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat
There are 12 caves in the town. Each has unique stalagmite and stalactite formations
1. Lagbasan Cave
2. Bitongon Cave/Casi Cave
3. Kalupingon Cave
4. Batasan Cave
5. Midpanga Cave
6. Tinalon Cave
7. Bugso Cave
8. Tudog Cave
9. Kiabuan Cave
10. Saklay Cave
11. Paradise Cave and Falls
12. R.A. Midpanga Cave

Buluan Lake
Location: President Quirino and Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat
It is one of the ten major lakes of the Philippines. It serves as home to numerous marine life.

Bamban Falls
Location: Brgy. Kapaya, Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat
The area is enclosed in lush vegetation. Swimming and picnic area common activities in the area.

Fekung Bula Fall
Location: Brgy. New Batangan and Lasak, Columbio, Sultan Kudarat
Its cool water attracts locals to have a refreshing swim in its waters

Marguez Hot and Cold Spring
Location: Brgy. Marguez, Ezperanza, Sultan Kudarat
It has a hot and cold pool located near each other. The area is enclosed in lush vegetation and isolated from the busy activities of the town. One can enjoy the serenity of life and richness of its unspoiled nature.


Kalimudan Festival
Place: Isulan, Sultan Kudarat
Date: November 21
It is an annual gathering of different tribal groups in the province and celebrate for a bountiful harvest. Activities include dancing parade, horsefight, trade fair and sports competition. The festival highlights the foundation anniversary of Sultan Kudarat Province.

Bansadayaw Festival
Place: Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat
Date: First week of November
The term was coined Ilonggo root word “ Bansa” which means “ in full view “ and “ sayaw “, hinugway, dayaw “ all having connotation of merrymaking. The festival is highlighted by religious prayers, cultures and other traditions. The objective of this festival is to unite the effort of the citizens and preserve their culture heritage of al tribes such as the Muslims, T’boli, B’laan, Manobo, Ilonggo, Cebuano, Ilocano, Pampanggeñio and Tagalog.

Pasundayag Festival
Place: Isulan, Sultan Kudarat
Date: September 15
The festival commemorates the Foundation Anniversary of the municipality. The Festival showcases the skills and talents in literary, musical and cultural aspects of the constituents both the young and the old. It is not only unique but is reflective of a special talent in the person as well.

Talakudong Festival
Place: Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat
Date: September 18
Talakudong" is a historical and cultural spectacle mostly performed as street dancing and rituals accompanied by exotic and native sounds of bamboo, drums, kulintang and gongs. It is a head-covering festival designed to blend the different Filipino cultures.

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How To Get There?

By Air:
From Manila, take a flight bound for either General Santos City, Davao City or Cotabato City. Once there, busses and jeepneys travel towards the capital of Sultan Kudarat, Isulan.

By Sea-Land:
From Manila, take a ferry to Iloilo then ride another ferry headed to General Santos City. Another option is to ride an ferry headed to Zamboanga City and another ferry to Cotabato City. From Cotabato City or General Santos, one can take any available land transportation to Sultan Kudarat.