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Tagaytay Wedding Tips

Getting married in Tagaytay? The experience can be a bit overwhelming, considering how busy the city can get particularly on weekends. To help you turn...

4 Tips To Beat the Traffic During Your December Wedding

Traffic has almost become part of our daily Manila vocabulary. But nothing can be as intense as Manila traffic during December. Since December is...

Elegant Weddings In The Heart Of Metro Manila: City Garden Suites

When a couple begins planning their wedding, one of the first things they look for are their ceremony and reception venues. Oftentimes, couples experience a dilemma in prioritizing between these Philippine wedding reception venues, if they intend to hold them in two different places. Normally, couples choose their wedding reception venue based on its proximity to their ceremony venue. However, it may not be able to address their needs and budget. Therefore, they end up choosing venues that are too far from each other, forcing them to increase their budget. Logistics issues suddenly add more stress to the couple.

The Experts In Luxury And Comfort: Worry-Free Metro Manila Wedding

Admit it. Planning a whole wedding is not a piece of cake, especially for couples with a tight budget. You have to scour all over the place to find the best deals and special offers to lower the cost of some expenses like the wedding gown, the wedding cake, flower arrangements, the food, etc etc.

Have a Lovely Intimate Wedding at City Garden Suites

Are you the type of bride who doesn’t want too many people on her wedding day? Do you believe that a wedding’s success isn’t measured by the number of guests but by how special these people are? If your answer to both question is a big YES, then intimate wedding is really for you. It is something that is preferred by lots of other brides these days, since it is practical and it actually helps keep the ceremony solemn limited only to people who are close to the soon-to-weds.
Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay

4 Reasons Why Tying the Knot in a Venue like Hillcreek...

By Mina Deocareza | May 2014 Tagaytay is among the most popular destinations for couples who want to tie the knot in the country. Garden...

Every Dish is a Masterpiece with Chef Patrick’s Kitchen

No matter how amazing your wedding is, it won’t be complete without good food. That’s because we Pinoys like to eat and we like to eat only delicious food during special occasion. There should also be a variety among the dishes, as much as possible, so everyone could have fun throughout the feast.
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Why Consider a Nature-Inspired Wedding?

Nature-inspired weddings are timeless. No wonder, more and more couples are becoming inspired to go for this kind of celebration, complete with amazing setups...

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Good Caterer like Hizon’s

You’re getting married soon. You already have your venue, your attire, your DJ and host. Hold on, you seem to be missing something that’s very important. You’re forgetting about food. Let me tell you something: that’s a no-no, most especially in the Philippines. After all, we are in a country where people love to have feasts even during special days. We love food a lot that is why in every special occasion, it is a must that you serve good food to everyone.

Win a Honeymoon Trip to Paris

Who said you can never go to Paris?

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